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Health Care Reform Resource Center

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Obamacare repeal vote fails in Senate

Source: Politico

The Senate voted down a Republican effort to repeal Obamacare, the GOP’s first attempt to get rid of the president’s health law since the...

ACA reporting update: New forms, higher penalties and other guidance

Source: The National Law Review

With the impending deadline early next year, most applicable large employers are (or should be) in the process of gearing up for what is perhaps the...

Tax strategy: The ACA marches on

Source: Accounting Today

The Supreme Court's recent King v. Burwell decision upheld the availability of the Code Sec. 36B refundable credit for premiums paid for health...

Outlook for some state health insurance markets uncertain due to low enrollment, high costs

Source: U.S. News & World Report

State-run health insurance markets that offer coverage under President Barack Obama's health law are struggling with high costs and disappointing...

Why the 2010 health care law led to insurance merger mania

Source: ABC News

The health care overhaul law has reshaped the health insurance business, and one consequence is more than $100 billion in mergers and acquisitions...

Mike Lee goes for nuclear option to repeal Obamacare

Source: The Washington Post

Senate conservatives couldn’t stop a vote on the Export-Import bank. So they’re going to try to force a vote on Obamacare instead.

Who benefits most from repealing the Obamacare Cadillac tax?

Source: Forbes

Republicans and some Democrats in Congress are pressing to repeal the Affordable Care Act’s Cadillac tax—a 40 percent excise tax on...

Should individuals be allowed to sue over ACA contraceptive coverage mandate?

Source: Modern Healthcare

A federal appeals court this week decided to allow a Missouri lawmaker's challenge to the Affordable Care Act's contraception mandate to move...

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