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Health Care Reform Resource Center

Live Blog Ask Rob Glus your health care reform questions

When a hospital bill becomes a decade-long pay cut


On the eastern edge of St. Joseph, Mo., lies the small city's only hospital, a landmark of modern brick and glass buildings. Everyone in town knows...

As health insurance evolves, traditional brokers claim they still have a role


Are traditional health insurance brokers — the trusted, chatty advisers who are quick to show up at your door at the hint of a problem —...

ACA has reduced uninsurance rates for minorities


The Affordable Care Act's premium subsidies and Medicaid expansion efforts have helped close racial and ethnic disparities among America's uninsured,...

Signing up for health insurance, even after missing the deadline


Consumers who missed the Monday deadline for enrolling in, or changing, an insurance plan on still have two months to act. But there...

Turning 21? Check your health insurance plan to avoid big premium increase.


For young people, turning 21 is generally a reason to celebrate reaching adulthood. If they’re insured through the federal health insurance...

Private insurers net 9.3 million from ACA's Medicaid expansion


New customers from the expansion of Medicaid benefits for poor Americans under the Affordable Care Act helped private managed care plans increase...

Direct primary care emerges in post-reform world


Direct primary care is a disruptive concept in which payments for basic healthcare remain entirely outside the health insurance networks. But the...

Implementing Health Reform: Beneath the hood of the ‘Cromnibus’


The “Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act, 2015” or “Cromnibus” legislation moving through Congress...

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