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Health Care Reform Resource Center

Live Blog Ask Rob Glus your health care reform questions

Employers’ latest health care experiment


As employers wrestle with rising healthcare costs, the latest solution gaining steam is to join a private exchange. Private exchange enrollment has...

Are workplace health clinics worth it?


Recently, my local paper published an article describing strategies employers are trying to improve the health of their workers. Keeping workers...

Corporate-wellness programs sometimes make workers unhealthy


Swedish trucking company Scania believes in the 24-hour employee. Scania workers aren’t just expected to be their best selves at work,...

Study says 1 in 4 adults medically underinsured


Nearly one in four adults has a health-insurance plan that doesn't adequately cover medical bills because deductibles and other out-of-pocket...

Wellness-incentive guidance on the way


With the focus on employee health becoming much sharper in recent years, companies are going to greater lengths to boost employee participation in...

Is the wearable health movement sustainable?


One of the hottest areas of wearables are fitness monitors from Fitbit, Misfit, Jawbone, Garmin, etc. In 2014, approximately 90 million were sold and...

Survey: Despite low inflation, employers should expect health care premiums to surge Into 2016


Health care insurers report continued rising premiums into 2016 with claim trends exceeding general inflation for at least the next 18 months,...

Employees underutilize flexible spending accounts


Despite the fact that flexible spending accounts (FSAs) have been around for four decades, many employees are still not funding them, fearful of...

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