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Health Care Reform Resource Center

2015 Healthcare Symposium

The Central Penn Business Journal's 2015 Healthcare Symposium was held July 22 at the Sheraton Hershey-Harrisburg.

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Health insurance is staggeringly uncompetitive in America, and is poised to get even worse for everybody

Source: Quartz

With two major health insurance mergers pending, the US may be headed for a health care market with only three major private health insurers, down...

Advisers say ACA has opened opportunities to grow business

Source: Employee Benefit News

Just a couple of years ago, the mere mention of the Affordable Care Act could stir brokers' fears and sometimes even panic about the future role of...

Did the ACA improve access to Rx drugs? Some patients don't think so

Source: California Healthline

The Affordable Care Act guarantees that 10 "essential health benefits" - including coverage of prescription drugs - will be included in every plan...

Obamacare 'Cadillac tax' will lead employers to cut FSAs: analysis

Source: NBC News

If you like your flexible spending account ... you might not be able to keep your flexible spending account.

How health care reform adds to Wal-Mart's pharmacy woes

Source: Washington Post

A footnote in Wal-Mart's second quarter earnings release this week highlighted one of the many effects of more people gaining health insurance under...

The top four reasons owners need a health care buyer's advocate

Source: Huffington Post

Compensation, health care and employee benefits are often significant sources of frustration for business owners. By the end of this article, you'll...

Most employers to see health premiums rise; one-quarter to have increases of more than 10%

Source: Insurance & Financial Advisor

Despite the healthcare reforms implemented under President Obama's Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, 90% of employers are facing increases...

Pricier health plans more popular off ACA exchanges

Source: San Antonio Express-News

Shoppers buying health insurance from traditional sources have shown a greater affinity for pricier gold and platinum plans than have consumers...

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