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Latest Health Care News

Uptick hinted in health care use, spending

Source: Modern Healthcare

Recent indicators provide increasing evidence that health spending may be accelerating, even before millions of Americans newly insured through the... Read More »»

Census Bureau: Question changes make it easier to assess health insurance law

Source: The Washington Post

The director of the Census Bureau said he is confident that new changes in the wording of survey questions on health insurance will not diminish its... Read More »»

The problem with giving employees a stipend to buy health insurance

Source: The New York Times

Paul Downs, my You're the Boss colleague, recently posed a question: If he were to replace the health insurance he offers his employees with a cash... Read More »»

Penn's health care management applicant pool increases 360 percent

Source: The Daily Pennsylvanian

The cause of the unexpected spike in interest has “obviously been health care reform and the Affordable Care Act,” Wharton professor and... Read More »»


CPBJ Poll Question of the Week:

Are you increasing wellness opportunities for your employees?

Health Care Reform Expert Advisory Panel

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Will the $6,350 out-of-pocket max per person apply in 2014 or 2015 with the delay of "Pay or Play"?

When the employer reporting requirements and employer mandate were delayed until 2015, the departments specifically...


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Special Editions

Currents - Spring 2014

Currents - Spring 2014

Generations 2014

Generations 2014
What do Utz Quality Foods, Sun Motor Cars and Knoebels Amusement Resort have in common? They're all regional family businesses. Through the years, they have grown by successfully extending their businesses to the next generations. Today, these families maintain significant ownership in their companies, and they also have family members serving at the executive level. Read on to see many more examples of local family businesses — and family businesses in the making.

Giving Guide 2014

Giving Guide 2014
Central Pennsylvania’s nonprofits don’t sit around waiting for funds to fall into their pockets. Quite the contrary, they’re actively fundraising, networking and getting the community involved in their causes. See how 10 organizations are doing this, and how we can reach out to show our support. Also featured in this publication are the unique approaches and forward-thinking ways of the 2014 Nonprofit Innovation Award winners.

Milestones 2014

Milestones 2014
Join us in celebrating 30 Central Pennsylvania businesses and their notable anniversaries — from five years to 170 years. Reaching such milestones shows a steadfast dedication to improving the business and social landscape of our region. It's all done through impressive business ideas, dedicated employees, lots of gumption and a whole lot more. The result is smart business, and we can all learn from that.

Blog - Health care

As part of CPBJ reporter Heather Stauffer's health care beat, she's keeping you informed about the latest with the PPACA and what it means for your business.

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