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Health Care Reform Resource Center

Live Blog Ask Rob Glus your health care reform questions

HHS shifts money from cancer, global health to pay for exchange


In their latest attack on the Affordable Care Act, House Republicans are questioning why the Obama administration transferred money last year from...

Health data security part of OIG health reform plan


The US Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General (OIG) plans to focus on health data security, specifically whether...

Despite federal law, some insurance exchange plans offer unequal coverage for mental health


One-quarter of the health plans being sold on health insurance exchanges set up through the Affordable Care Act offer benefits that appear to violate...

How an adverse Supreme Court ruling would send Obamacare into a tailspin


Even if you don’t receive Obamacare subsidies, you could still be harmed by the Supreme Court case that could take them away.

5 myths about Supreme Court and ACA


Once again, the future of the Affordable Care Act is in the Supreme Court’s hands. In King v. Burwell, which will be argued before the court...

IRS lays out thinking related to areas of health reform law's excise tax


In its notice about upcoming rules to implement the “Cadillac” tax on high-cost health plans in 2018, the IRS laid out its thinking...

Supreme Court hearing on ACA subsidies will be ‘such’ drama


In the minds of many legal experts, no great constitutional issues will take center stage when the Supreme Court hears oral arguments on March 4 in a...

High rate of shopping and switching in Obamacare plans is a good sign


For most customers returning to the Obamacare marketplaces this year, it really paid to shop around. New data shows that a large number of them did.

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