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Health Care Reform Resource Center

Live Blog Ask Rob Glus your health care reform questions

Millennials’ premiums higher with Affordable Care Act


Danielle Cagle got a plan with the Affordable Care Act this year to avoid the government’s penalty but she says it’s anything but...

The state of the health insurance union is excellent


After years of urging government not to throw it into the thicket of regulation called the Affordable Care Act, major health insurers like...

Health insurance co-ops get taxpayer bailouts


The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced in December two struggling health insurance cooperatives had been given emergency solvency...

Patient engagement may reduce healthcare reform anxiety


Adopting more robust patient engagement technologies may help providers and patients alike find their way out of pervasive anxieties about the future...

Federal funding for children's health insurance in serious jeopardy


Millions of children could find themselves without health insurance if Congress can’t cut a deal on funding for a popular federal program later...

Tax preparers get ready to be bearers of bad news about health law


Are you thinking about tax day yet? Your friendly neighborhood tax preparer is. IRS Commissioner John Koskinen declared this tax season one of the...

Government health care website quietly sharing personal data

Source: The Associated Press

The government's health insurance website is quietly sending consumers' personal data to private companies that specialize in advertising and...

The next big health care shift is coming


The next big shift is coming in U.S. health care, and Republicans are doing their best to speed it up. What's not clear is how carefully they've...

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