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About Hope Stephan

Hope Stephan is editor of the Central Penn Business Journal. Fast Forward is posted on Sundays to give you a jump on the week ahead.

Rush to judgment rarely beneficial

I wish I could be one of those people who immediately form a firm opinion when major news occurs. Or maybe I don't. Read More »»

You're in the midst of change – do you see it?

On this day when so many of our readers are spending the day enjoying family and friends, I will be short and – I hope – sweet. Read More »»

Mixing business with religion

“It's not personal; it's strictly business.” How many times have you heard or used that nugget of wisdom in your career? Read More »»

Pennsylvania's brain drain outpaces its brain gain

Can you feel it – the mingled excitement and dread in the air? That’s the vibe of thousands of college students looking forward to graduation and striving to find a job. Read More »»

Oculus Rift sale a lesson for investors, corporations and entrepreneurs

Read the fine print. Always good advice, but a reminder never hurts, especially in the era of anybody-can-publish-anything: Don't trust and always verify. Read More »»

How do you view your business -- through a View-Master or an Oculus Rift?

Somewhere down in the basement, there's a box with a View-Master and dozens of photo reels, mostly of national parks and other places my parents either had visited or wanted to. Before I could read, I spent hours gazing at the “3-D” images created by the stereoscopic pairs of photos on the flat paper discs, feeling like I'd been transported into those far-away worlds. Read More »»

Go ahead, baby boomers – do what you like

Last week in the New York Times, I read another of those “baby boomers are deluded” stories that I find increasingly annoying. You know – not savings enough for retirement, refusing to act their age, holding younger people back by clinging to their jobs, thinking it's all about them and so on. Read More »»

Step away from the list

What is the biggest obstacle to adopting the Habits of Highly Effective People? Distractions. Read More »»

Pension reform, 19th-century British novels and bonds: It all makes sense now

This may be my sole opportunity, ever, to talk about 19th-century British novels and pension reform in the same breath, so I am seizing it. It's not often my English lit degree is so practical. Read More »»

You still have time to be the next big thing

The big business news this week was Facebook paying $19 billion for a company most of us never heard of before — WhatsApp, a mobile messaging platform that lets you text for free Read More »»

Harry Gordon Selfridge was always right – or was he?

Can you stand to read more whining about how much snow we've had? Me neither. Let's talk about customers. Read More »»

Rent-an-MBA? Just new packaging on an old idea

I'm always on the hunt for things coming down the road — trends, new technology, management advice — that could help your business. I thought I found one this week in the Wall Street Journal. Read More »»

Iceland – land of fire, ice, volcanoes and great marketing

Iceland is on my mind. No, not because the weather near the 66th parallel has been relatively better than in the midstate lately. I want to know what I'll be encountering when I go there this summer. Read More »»

Rankings schmankings; Pennsylvania's doing just fine

If you took seriously the continuous stream of ranking, scorecards, grades and other “measurements” generated by various advocacy groups, you'd wonder why anyone bothers to stay in Pennsylvania. The consensus, whether it's on education, business climate, tax environment or social policies, tends not to be flattering. Read More »»

Go to sleep, go to sleep, little CEOs …

On these dark, cold mornings, all I'd like to do is sleep. But the day beckons – and the alarm is in the next room – so I have to get up and get going. Read More »»

Aren't scared of the flu and its potential effect on your business? Let me fix that

How's your staff holding up so far this year? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which does weekly updates on reported flu cases, Pennsylvania's incidence has moved up to “widespread,” as is the situation in most of the country. Read More »»

Reducing the size of Pa.'s legislature: Worth it or not?

Snow, cold weather — and time off — concentrate the mind wonderfully. Instead of skipping from topic to topic like I usually do, I want to write about one thing today: the size of the state legislature. Read More »»

Target's credit-card crisis goes beyond branding, security issues

The news this past week that up to 40 million of Target customers' credit card numbers were stolen during a several-week period beginning Black Friday weekend was shocking enough. But the security and branding issues that immediately came up are merely the tip of the business iceberg. Read More »»

Romanticized views of farm life don't help farming business

Cats rule when it comes to the Internet. But it looks like goats, lambs and chickens may give the felines some competitive heat. Read More »»

Branding, Warren Buffett, Amazon, education and some other squirrels

So many things caught my attention this past week (thank you, Twitter?), this blog entry may be an extreme case of “There goes another squirrel!” Read More »»


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Special Editions

Lancaster County Business Report 2014

Lancaster County Business Report 2014
From the addition of an archery academy, a new laser tag facility and the expansions of Trop Gun Shop and The Volleyball Corner to the recent announcement that next year’s U.S. Women’s Open golf championship will be held in the area, Lancaster County’s business community has been experiencing many victories. Find out how these sports and leisure activities are playing out for the local economy.

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Business Profiles 2014

Business Profiles 2014
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ABC Excellence in Construction Awards 2014

ABC Excellence in Construction Awards 2014
The Keystone Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) holds the annual Excellence in Construction Awards program for its contractor members. Winners join the ranks of hundreds of companies recognized as “the best of the best” in the construction industry. Now in its 25th year, the competition creates a greater awareness of the quality workmanship produced by free enterprise contractors right here in Central Pennsylvania.

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