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Fast Forward

Joel Berg

About Joel Berg

Joel Berg is editor of the Central Penn Business Journal. Born in Philadelphia, raised in Northern Virginia and now living in York, he's a graduate of Franklin & Marshall College and the University of Maryland. Have a question or story idea? Email him at Follow him on Twitter, @JoelBYorkPa.

Playing the small-business lottery

They may not know it, but many small-business owners share something in common with aspiring rock stars: They're pining for a break that brings them an audience bigger than they ever dreamed possible.

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For the love of a business

Barbara Costik grew up with Middletown Lumber Co., a business that has been in her family since her late father, Edward, bought it in 1955. She's not about to let it down.

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Entrepreneur carries on even when it's complicated

While some of his colleagues swooned over big data, Andrew Hacker plugged away at making data smarter.

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How to be an authentic leader

Through years of working for corporations and client companies and serving on the boards of nonprofits, I've observed various leadership styles.

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An insurer opts for radical transparency

The best business stories pull back the curtain on specific companies but also on specific industries. What happens when a company tries to tell the story itself?

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HR lessons from the hardwood

Anthony Worrall played basketball in college. Doug Boswell last played in 6th grade. Alyssa Wingenfield just wanted to know if she could play, too.

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A rising tide won't lift sinking ships

If I learned anything from the hit movie “Titanic,” it's that a sinking ship can chew up a lot of time and energy on its way down.

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Six predictions for 2017

If next year is like the last, the business world is in for quite a few surprises. But if any of the six things below happen in 2017, you can say you read them here first.

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The Fed sends a blockchain letter you shouldn't ignore

If you've ever dug around for change while stewing in line at a tollbooth, you can appreciate why bankers are keen on blockchain, a technology whose profile rose quickly in 2016.

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Rejecting 'Reefer Madness': Changing laws, changing minds

The five high-school students must have been a little nervous when Mike Folmer approached their table at a Lebanon County pizzeria in January 2014 and began asking them about nickel bags and booze.

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