CPBJ - Daily News http://www.cpbj.com/section/daily Daily News News en-us Copyright 2014 Central Penn Business Journal Fri, 25 Apr 2014 03:48:53 EST Fri, 25 Apr 2014 03:48:53 EST http://www.cpbj.com/article/20140424/CPBJ01/140429862&source=RSS Lt. Gov. Jim Cawley visits Army War College in advance of possible BRAC Lt. Gov. Jim Cawley visited the U. S. Army War College today for a first-hand look at the economic impact of the college and Carlisle Barracks in Cumberland County. Thu, 24 Apr 2014 13:24:00 EST http://www.cpbj.com/article/20140424/CPBJ01/140429862&source=RSS http://www.cpbj.com/article/20140424/CPBJ01/140429876&source=RSS Metro, FNB beat analyst projections Susquehanna misses by 1 cent Three banks with heavy presence in the midstate recently announced their first-quarter earnings. Thu, 24 Apr 2014 10:16:00 EST http://www.cpbj.com/article/20140424/CPBJ01/140429876&source=RSS http://www.cpbj.com/article/20140424/CPBJ01/140429882&source=RSS PUC to investigate Columbia Gas rate hike request The state Public Utility Commission will investigate Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania's rate increase proposal and a plan to implement a new pilot rider program. Thu, 24 Apr 2014 09:24:00 EST http://www.cpbj.com/article/20140424/CPBJ01/140429882&source=RSS http://www.cpbj.com/article/20140424/CPBJ01/140429884&source=RSS Kabul shooting puts Lemoyne nonprofit in national news What is being reported as a Kabul shooting that killed three American doctors has put a Lemoyne-based nonprofit in the national news this morning. Thu, 24 Apr 2014 09:13:00 EST http://www.cpbj.com/article/20140424/CPBJ01/140429884&source=RSS http://www.cpbj.com/article/20140424/CPBJ01/140429885&source=RSS Hershey Co., Penn National, PREIT report Q1 earnings Dauphin County chocolate giant The Hershey Co. and Berks County-based Penn National Gaming Inc. reported first-quarter earnings today, while the Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust, based in Philadelphia, reported its first-quarter earnings Wednesday. Thu, 24 Apr 2014 09:11:00 EST http://www.cpbj.com/article/20140424/CPBJ01/140429885&source=RSS http://www.cpbj.com/article/20140423/CPBJ01/140429904&source=RSS Regional housing recovery summit on tap The South Central Assembly and the York Housing Advisory Commission will hold a regional housing recovery summit Tuesday at the York Holiday Inn. Wed, 23 Apr 2014 14:02:00 EST http://www.cpbj.com/article/20140423/CPBJ01/140429904&source=RSS http://www.cpbj.com/article/20140423/CPBJ01/140429905&source=RSS Highmark's insurance income fell slightly in 2013 Locally prominent Pittsburgh-based insurer Highmark Inc. announced today that its 2013 net income was 294. 1 million, or 2 percent of operating revenues, down from last year's figures of 432. 2 million and 2. 9 percent. Wed, 23 Apr 2014 12:03:00 EST http://www.cpbj.com/article/20140423/CPBJ01/140429905&source=RSS http://www.cpbj.com/article/20140423/CPBJ01/140429907&source=RSS Pa. American Water gets grant to buy CNG vehicles Dauphin County-based Pennsylvania American Water is using state grant money funded by Marcellus Shale drillers to buy more compressed-natural-gas vehicles in Northeast Pennsylvania. Wed, 23 Apr 2014 11:09:00 EST http://www.cpbj.com/article/20140423/CPBJ01/140429907&source=RSS http://www.cpbj.com/article/20140423/CPBJ01/140429913&source=RSS Earnings update Johnson Controls, Knight Transportation, Norfolk Southern, TE Connectivity Four nonfinancial companies with Central Pennsylvania operations reported quarterly earnings today. Wed, 23 Apr 2014 09:40:00 EST http://www.cpbj.com/article/20140423/CPBJ01/140429913&source=RSS http://www.cpbj.com/article/20140423/CPBJ01/140429914&source=RSS Fulton flat, Northwest down, Integrity up in Q1 Two midstate-based banks and another with significant operations here recently reported their earnings for the first quarter. Wed, 23 Apr 2014 09:37:00 EST http://www.cpbj.com/article/20140423/CPBJ01/140429914&source=RSS http://www.cpbj.com/article/20140423/CPBJ01/140429917&source=RSS Long winter blamed for Q1 dip in Harrisburg-area home sales Citing harsh winter conditions that delayed sales and settlements, the Greater Harrisburg Association of Realtors reported 1,447 home sales in the first quarter &#8212 a decline of 1. 4 percent from the first three months of 2013. Wed, 23 Apr 2014 08:55:00 EST http://www.cpbj.com/article/20140423/CPBJ01/140429917&source=RSS http://www.cpbj.com/article/20140423/CPBJ01/140429920&source=RSS Unilife responds to 'malicious blogs' York County-based Unilife Corp. has issued a statement in response to what it characterizes as a series of malicious blogs containing false and misleading information published over recent months by short sellers on the Seeking Alpha website. Wed, 23 Apr 2014 08:49:00 EST http://www.cpbj.com/article/20140423/CPBJ01/140429920&source=RSS http://www.cpbj.com/article/20140423/CPBJ01/140429925&source=RSS Carlisle Events kicks off largest car show, says economic impact in the millions Carlisle Events kicked off Spring Carlisle today, noting that its largest car show of the season employs 300 full- and part-time people and pumps millions into the area economy. Wed, 23 Apr 2014 08:34:00 EST http://www.cpbj.com/article/20140423/CPBJ01/140429925&source=RSS http://www.cpbj.com/article/20140422/CPBJ01/140429946&source=RSS Harley, Carlisle Cos., PPG announce first-quarter earnings Three companies with operations in the midstate announced quarterly earnings. Tue, 22 Apr 2014 10:47:00 EST http://www.cpbj.com/article/20140422/CPBJ01/140429946&source=RSS http://www.cpbj.com/article/20140422/CPBJ01/140429947&source=RSS Orrstown Bank relieved of stricter state enforcement Fed order still stands Orrstown Financial Services Inc. on Monday announced the termination of the formal agreement of regulatory action it made with the Pennsylvania Department of Banking &#8212 now Department of Banking and Securities &#8212 in March 2012. Tue, 22 Apr 2014 10:46:00 EST http://www.cpbj.com/article/20140422/CPBJ01/140429947&source=RSS