CPBJ - Nonprofit http://www.cpbj.com/section/nonprofit Nonprofit News Nonprofit en-us Copyright 2014 Central Penn Business Journal Fri, 31 Oct 2014 08:59:49 EST Fri, 31 Oct 2014 08:59:49 EST http://www.cpbj.com/article/20141031/CPBJ01/141039960&source=RSS In brief Harrisburg's recovery coordinator seeks nonprofit corporation for economic, infrastructure development As part of the continued recovery efforts under the Harrisburg &#8220Strong Plan,&#8221 the city's coordinator, Fred Reddig, has filed an application with Commonwealth Court for approval of a nonprofit corporation called Impact Harrisburg. Thu, 30 Oct 2014 15:51:00 EST http://www.cpbj.com/article/20141031/CPBJ01/141039960&source=RSS http://www.cpbj.com/article/20141031/CPBJ01/310309995&source=RSS Editorial Charity strengthens the community and its businesses Donors often explain their charitable contributions as &#8220giving back&#8221 to the community. We also think of philanthropy as investing &#8212 in people, in institutions, in quality of life and, ultimately, in a future where businesses and their workforces can thrive. Thu, 30 Oct 2014 10:30:00 EST http://www.cpbj.com/article/20141031/CPBJ01/310309995&source=RSS http://www.cpbj.com/article/20141029/CPBJ01/141029646&source=RSS CILCP lands 425K pilot grant The Center for Independent Living of Central Pennsylvania, which is in East Pennsboro Township, has been awarded a 425,000 grant to train and pay support service providers for the deaf-blind. Wed, 29 Oct 2014 15:21:00 EST http://www.cpbj.com/article/20141029/CPBJ01/141029646&source=RSS http://www.cpbj.com/article/20141027/BLOGEXTRA/141029779&source=RSS #Getinthegame on Twitter If you're a Twitter hater, you're probably already rolling your eyes. But hear me out. Mon, 27 Oct 2014 08:31:00 EST http://www.cpbj.com/article/20141027/BLOGEXTRA/141029779&source=RSS http://www.cpbj.com/article/20141024/CPBJ01/141029800&source=RSS Newsmakers Nonprofits Businesses featured this week Jewish Federation of Greater Harrisburg Lutheran Social Services of South Central Pennsylvania Make-A-Wish Philadelphia, Northern Delaware Susquehanna Valley United Way of Lancaster County YorkArts Sat, 25 Oct 2014 09:09:00 EST http://www.cpbj.com/article/20141024/CPBJ01/141029800&source=RSS http://www.cpbj.com/article/20141020/CPBJ01/141029978&source=RSS Nonprofit employment rose during recession Nonprofit employment rose in Pennsylvania and the nation throughout the recession, according to new data from the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Mon, 20 Oct 2014 10:08:00 EST http://www.cpbj.com/article/20141020/CPBJ01/141029978&source=RSS http://www.cpbj.com/article/20141020/BLOGEXTRA/141029982&source=RSS How supporting a nonprofit can benefit your business Let's talk nonprofits today. Mon, 20 Oct 2014 09:41:00 EST http://www.cpbj.com/article/20141020/BLOGEXTRA/141029982&source=RSS http://www.cpbj.com/article/20141017/CPBJ01/141019776&source=RSS Newsmakers Nonprofits Business featured this week Bell Socialization Services Inc. Fri, 17 Oct 2014 17:24:00 EST http://www.cpbj.com/article/20141017/CPBJ01/141019776&source=RSS http://www.cpbj.com/article/20141017/CPBJ01/310179993&source=RSS Awards Industries featured this week Associations, designations, education Fri, 17 Oct 2014 14:30:00 EST http://www.cpbj.com/article/20141017/CPBJ01/310179993&source=RSS http://www.cpbj.com/article/20141017/CPBJ01/141019786&source=RSS WellSpan, Good Samaritan continue on track for possible affiliation WellSpan Health of York County and Good Samaritan Health System in Lebanon County continue their period of due diligence while working toward a possible merger, officials from both sides said Thursday. Fri, 17 Oct 2014 13:56:00 EST http://www.cpbj.com/article/20141017/CPBJ01/141019786&source=RSS http://www.cpbj.com/article/20141017/CPBJ01/141019791&source=RSS Harrisburg Habitat for Humanity announces leadership changes Eve Wachhaus, longtime executive director of Habitat for Humanity of the Greater Harrisburg Area, is stepping down and will be succeeded by Bill Wood. Fri, 17 Oct 2014 10:36:00 EST http://www.cpbj.com/article/20141017/CPBJ01/141019791&source=RSS http://www.cpbj.com/article/20141017/CPBJ01/141019832&source=RSS Sales training needs survey underway The Central Penn Business Journal has joined with Shippensburg University and the Dixon University Center to try to determine regional needs for sales and sales-management training. Thu, 16 Oct 2014 13:34:00 EST http://www.cpbj.com/article/20141017/CPBJ01/141019832&source=RSS http://www.cpbj.com/article/20141010/CPBJ01/310099997&source=RSS Through changes and challenges, libraries still offer businesses a lot Yes, funding and technology changes are reshaping the public library landscape. Thu, 09 Oct 2014 10:00:00 EST http://www.cpbj.com/article/20141010/CPBJ01/310099997&source=RSS http://www.cpbj.com/article/20141013/CPBJ01/141019937&source=RSS Networking group aims to connect mid- to senior-level executives A new networking group for mid- to senior-level business executives in Central and eastern Pennsylvania will host its inaugural social Tuesday in Lancaster County. Mon, 13 Oct 2014 10:39:00 EST http://www.cpbj.com/article/20141013/CPBJ01/141019937&source=RSS http://www.cpbj.com/article/20141010/CPBJ01/141019965&source=RSS Newsmakers Nonprofits Businesses featured this week Arc of Cumberland and Perry Counties, HACC Foundation, Leadership York, York Youth Symphony Orchestra Fri, 10 Oct 2014 16:26:00 EST http://www.cpbj.com/article/20141010/CPBJ01/141019965&source=RSS