CPBJ - en-us Copyright 2015 Central Penn Business Journal Sun, 05 Jul 2015 02:12:19 EST Sun, 05 Jul 2015 02:12:19 EST http://www.cpbj.com/article/20150703/CPBJ01/307019997&source=RSS Billboards thrive despite alternatives When drivers heading north on Interstate 83 approach Harrisburg on a beautiful spring day, their minds might turn toward snow-covered ski slopes. Wed, 01 Jul 2015 15:00:00 EST http://www.cpbj.com/article/20150703/CPBJ01/307019997&source=RSS http://www.cpbj.com/article/20150703/CPBJ01/307019999&source=RSS Hershey's brand refresh boosts morale, global identity The Hershey Co. is a confectionery giant and boasts one of the most recognizable brands in the world. Wed, 01 Jul 2015 15:00:00 EST http://www.cpbj.com/article/20150703/CPBJ01/307019999&source=RSS http://www.cpbj.com/article/20150626/CPBJ01/150629790&source=RSS Newsmakers Marketing Business featured this week Scheffey Integrated Marketing Sat, 27 Jun 2015 10:35:00 EST http://www.cpbj.com/article/20150626/CPBJ01/150629790&source=RSS http://www.cpbj.com/article/20150626/CPBJ01/150629800&source=RSS Newsmakers Associations Businesses featured this week Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Pennsylvania Osteopathic Medical Association, Technology Council of Central Pennsylvania, Worldwide Partners Inc. Sat, 27 Jun 2015 10:01:00 EST http://www.cpbj.com/article/20150626/CPBJ01/150629800&source=RSS http://www.cpbj.com/article/20150626/CPBJ01/306259993&source=RSS The Whiteboard A brand that doesn't have a tagline is like a ship without a rudder In 1973, the military draft ended and every branch of the Armed Forces had no choice but to ramp up their recruiting efforts. Thu, 25 Jun 2015 11:15:00 EST http://www.cpbj.com/article/20150626/CPBJ01/306259993&source=RSS http://www.cpbj.com/article/20150623/CPBJ01/150629931&source=RSS Don't be left off the list Next week's lists are signage companies and advertising, marketing and PR firms. If you haven't submitted a survey yet, please do so by Monday. Tue, 23 Jun 2015 11:12:00 EST http://www.cpbj.com/article/20150623/CPBJ01/150629931&source=RSS http://www.cpbj.com/article/20150619/CPBJ01/150619685&source=RSS Newsmakers Marketing Businesses featured this week Gavin Advertising, Hot Frog Print Media Fri, 19 Jun 2015 13:44:00 EST http://www.cpbj.com/article/20150619/CPBJ01/150619685&source=RSS http://www.cpbj.com/article/20150612/CPBJ01/150619899&source=RSS Newsmakers Marketing Business featured this week Godfrey Fri, 12 Jun 2015 13:32:00 EST http://www.cpbj.com/article/20150612/CPBJ01/150619899&source=RSS http://www.cpbj.com/article/20150612/CPBJ01/150619919&source=RSS Lancaster legislator introduces 'truth in advertising' bill for health care providers Rep. Bryan Cutler R-Lancaster has introduced a bill that would require health care providers who advertise to state the specific license and board certifications they hold. Fri, 12 Jun 2015 09:32:00 EST http://www.cpbj.com/article/20150612/CPBJ01/150619919&source=RSS http://www.cpbj.com/article/20150612/CPBJ01/306119992&source=RSS The Whiteboard Penny-wise but brand foolish Where cutting corners isn't worth it A client recently described to me a poignant lesson in branding. Thu, 11 Jun 2015 11:15:00 EST http://www.cpbj.com/article/20150612/CPBJ01/306119992&source=RSS http://www.cpbj.com/article/20150605/CPBJ01/306049998&source=RSS Full-time field hockey Olympians working part-time at Ecore Shortly after the U. S. women's field hockey team finished its three-game sweep of Ireland on May 21, head coach Craig Parnham asked the 50 or so people celebrating in the team's offices at the Spooky Nook Sports complex in East Hempfield Township to raise their hands if they were American. Thu, 04 Jun 2015 12:45:00 EST http://www.cpbj.com/article/20150605/CPBJ01/306049998&source=RSS http://www.cpbj.com/article/20150605/CPBJ01/150609833&source=RSS Newsmakers Marketing Business featured this week Bravo Group Fri, 05 Jun 2015 10:42:00 EST http://www.cpbj.com/article/20150605/CPBJ01/150609833&source=RSS http://www.cpbj.com/article/20150529/CPBJ01/150529755&source=RSS The Whiteboard Strong brands outperform strong products Lessons from Polaroid In 1947, the Polaroid Co. introduced the Polaroid Land Camera, named in part for the inventor of instant film technology, Edwin Land. In 1963, the company debuted a color-print model. Fri, 29 May 2015 10:29:00 EST http://www.cpbj.com/article/20150529/CPBJ01/150529755&source=RSS http://www.cpbj.com/article/20150515/CPBJ01/150519809&source=RSS Newsmakers Marketing Business featured this week Martin Communications Inc. Fri, 15 May 2015 15:43:00 EST http://www.cpbj.com/article/20150515/CPBJ01/150519809&source=RSS http://www.cpbj.com/article/20150515/CPBJ01/305159991&source=RSS Awards Industries featured this week Associations, construction, designations, energy, health care, marketing, signage, technology Fri, 15 May 2015 11:00:00 EST http://www.cpbj.com/article/20150515/CPBJ01/305159991&source=RSS