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Letter to the editor: Nuclear power supports jobs in Pa.

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Exelon Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station in Londonderry Township
Exelon Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station in Londonderry Township - (Photo / )

While it may be uncomfortable for some people to hear the facts about the negative consequences other states and communities have suffered from the premature closing of nuclear power plants, it would be irresponsible not to learn from those experiences.

Fortunately for the citizens of Pennsylvania, our state and local leaders want to know the facts.

Pennsylvania’s five nuclear stations support nearly 16,000 direct and indirect jobs, have an annual payroll of $360 million, and lead to about $81 million in tax revenue from secondary/induced economic activity from plant and employee activities.

The nuclear energy industry also purchases more than $1.8 billion of materials, services and fuel from more than 4,150 companies in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania’s nuclear plants contribute approximately $2.36 billion to the state’s gross domestic product (GDP).

Nuclear power helps strengthen our power grid’s reliability and resilience, especially during extreme weather periods like the recent winter storm.

We also know the terrible impact communities have felt even with the closing of only one facility (Vermont Yankee). Knowing that we face a similar fate with the potential premature closing of Three Mile Island in the fall of 2019, hundreds of community leaders, small business owners, conservationists, labor leaders and elected officials have formed the Clean Jobs for Pennsylvania Coalition. A bipartisan group of state legislators has formed the Nuclear Energy Caucus to look into the issue. And more than 20 local governments and school boards have passed resolutions urging state lawmakers to consider energy policy reform that correctly values the zero-emission power produced by nuclear power plants. The negative consequences on our economy, energy grid and environment are too significant not to.


Mike Pries

Clean Jobs for Pennsylvania Coalition co-chair and Dauphin County Commissioner

The letter is responding to an op ed that appeared in the Jan. 12, 2018 edition of the Central Penn Business Journal

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Chris May 19, 2018 1:12 am

Definitely, nuclear power supports jobs in Pa. The number of job opportunities will increase and thus people will get jobs in the industry. We can see lots of developments in the industrial sector. Keep sharing more posts! clipping path company

Shawn April 23, 2018 11:55 pm

It is true that these nuclear plants do provide direct and indirect job opportunities to a lot of people. But taking up the intensity of the consequences we have to face due to these plants, we have to ignore about these job opportunities.
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Peter_Puck February 4, 2018 12:15 pm

Bravo to Mike Pries for writing this article! The two prior comments to this article are misleading - here's why.
If TMI were to close in 2019, by 2030, people will be looking at how to get TMI up and running again. In foresight, it would be much more cost effective to not shut it down, and avoid all the costs that go with doing that.
PA's decision not to subsidize Exelon's TMI nuclear power generation plant to stay open is ill advised. Other states are taking action to make sure their nuclear power plants stay open. PA would be well advised to do the same.
It has come to light in the January 2018 issue of Power Magazine that the New York Public Service Commission approved a "Clean Energy Standard", which subsidizes upstate nuclear power plants for their carbon-free power generation.
Illinois passed legislation called the "Future Energy Jobs Bill", which subsidizes nuclear power plants in that state for their zero-emission power.
Connecticut has modified its rules, allowing its nuclear power plant to sell up to 75% of its output in a competitive solicitation with other zero-carbon sources.
Ohio introduced a bill to set up a zero-emission nuclear resource program to help its nuclear power plants remain viable.
PA should learn from the mistake at Vermont Yankee and avoid making a misstep that would cost it dearly in the long term.

Mike Mullaney February 2, 2018 3:13 pm

The problem is: Most of the nuclear plants don't generate enough revenue to cover all the wages and taxes that are they are burdened with. If you want the plants to stay open; lower taxes and make the current employees take pay cuts to allow the plants to become profitable again for the owners! (Rather than force the 12 million other Pennsylvanians to pay higher electricity bills to keep a few people in jobs and a few localities in the money.)

Paul M February 2, 2018 1:05 pm

There is no doubt that any enterprise supports jobs.
The question is "should the taxpayer be required to subsidize 'job support'."
Or, should we allow capitalistic enterprise to support itself.
This type of thinking wreaks of socialism.