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Patty Wallace-Sibbach: Enjoy the journeySeventy-five percent of Precision Training Concepts' clients are women

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Patty Wallace-Sibbach
Patty Wallace-Sibbach - (Photo / )

Patty Wallace-Sibbach explains the reasons behind Precision Training Concepts' recent move to 4085 Linglestown Road in Lower Paxton Township.

She also shared some of the reasons she loves helping others to get fit, at any age. 

What was the reason behind the move?

Our client volume was increasing and we knew we were limited in growth if we remained in our previous location (at Allentown Boulevard in West Hanover Township). We had a desire to provide newer equipment, locker rooms and showers, and we wanted to make our new studio location as convenient and accessible as possible.

Time constraints are always an issue for clients, so we wanted to do everything we could to make sessions work for them, regardless of their schedules. Maintaining the feel of a private atmosphere, where everyone could feel comfortable and not intimidated by large membership-driven facilities was extremely important.

Tell us a little about your facility and its services

PTC is a personal training studio that specializes in one-on-one customized training sessions for both men and women; however, about 75 percent of our clients are female.

We focus on teaching proper technique of exercises and weight training to maximize results, reduce risk of injury and improve strength, flexibility and overall health. All of our sessions are an hour because we feel proper instruction and body positioning is the key to efficient muscle toning and desired results.

The difference between doing an exercise correctly and potential injury is only a matter of inches. Our trainers are fully focused on our clients from the moment they walk through the door to warm up until the end of the hour during their cool down.

What are some of the reasons women list for not taking the time for their health? How do you help them?

Unfortunately there are many fears and misconceptions around exercise and diet. One of the biggest challenges that we work through with female clients is the re-investment in themselves.

Their previous focus has been on raising families and/or careers, and their own health has taken a back seat to their busy lives. PTC refocuses clients on the importance of their own physical health and well-being through exercise and nutritional counseling. This empowers them to be strong in body and mind for themselves as well as others. We remind them that taking time to take care of themselves is in no way a selfish endeavor.

Lack of knowledge with weight training is another hurdle where female clients struggle. They fear that if they train with weights, they will get "bulky." We take the time to educate clients on the importance of proper weight training. If physically inactive, a person can lose 3 to 5 percent of muscle mass each decade after the age of 30. Weight bearing and muscle strengthening exercises are also crucial to maintaining and building bone density (which decreases as women age) and reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

As age increases, so does the importance of nutrition. There are many variables that affect dietary choices. These choices can be very overwhelming and vary based on others' opinions. Our approach is to simplify the process for our clients to easily follow. Again, today's schedules don't allow for tedious instructions. Eating smaller, more frequent meals is key in helping our clients' bodies run more productively. We educate our clients on eating the right foods at the right times to keep their metabolisms more efficient. Let's not over-complicate it.

What is your fitness routine?

I personally take a three-pronged approach to my own fitness routine. It's a combination of cardiovascular exercise, weight training and proper nutrition.

How I trained in my 20s is very different from how I currently exercise for many reasons. My metabolism has slowed over the years and I must pay closer attention to food choices as well as work around back injuries. Stretching daily is also a key component. Weight training consists of at least three times a week, focusing on different areas with each session. I would encourage every woman to include weight training into her regime. High cardio sessions last only 25 to 30 minutes for me now and I enjoy treadmill, elliptical, spin classes or any aerobic movement.

My current goals are to present the best version of me, preservation and to enjoy the journey.

At a glance

Patty Wallace-Sibbach is a Harrisburg native who has been dedicated to improving the health of others for over 20 years.

As a senior diabetes care specialist, she educates medical providers on the benefits of specific therapies. She has spent more than 10 years educating providers on women's health issues, including osteoporosis.

She established Precision Training Concepts (PTC), a personalized health and fitness studio in Harrisburg in 2013.

Wallace-Sibbach attended Shippensburg University on a basketball scholarship and coached local youth for years.

Diagnosed with uterine cancer in 2014, she recognized diseases don't always discriminate and gained a greater empathy for those trying to start exercising. "I had gone from winning PA state figure competitions to barely being able to get out of bed. I lost my mojo, but I gained a better understanding of how others can feel defeated. I want to continue to encourage women that its never too late to be the best version of themselves."

Wallace-Sibbach and her husband, Bryan, oversee the daily operations of the studio, are co-chairpersons of the Circle of Red/Go Red for Women American Heart Association of the Capital Region and are involved in other community outreach health programs.

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