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Why you should sponsor an apprentice

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One of the problems that make it difficult for contractors to hire skilled craftsmen these days is that operative word: skilled. As America faces a shortfall of these workers, apprenticeship is becoming a more attractive way for employers to train their workforces. Why does it make sense to sponsor an apprentice? Let’s take a look at a few of the most compelling reasons.

  • Apprenticeship training results in better workers. A contractor could spend a lot of time and effort looking for and hiring a skilled craftsman. Alternately, apprenticeship provides the opportunity to develop a highly trained, well-rounded employee. Apprentices are learning new and cutting-edge technology as part of their training, making them more productive employees. This training also fuels their passion for the trade they are learning.
  • Absenteeism and turnover are reduced significantly. Since apprenticeship requires classroom and on-the-job training, students are motivated to complete the program. As a result of wanting to complete their program on time, absenteeism is reduced. Their higher rate of work satisfaction results in a workforce that’s less likely to call off frequently or move on to another firm.
  • Apprentices make for a better workplace environment. Because you choose to utilize an apprenticeship training program, you’re creating a workplace that’s safer, more versatile and more productive. One of the great things about training is that it allows you to examine your own processes and practices, and reevaluate how to improve them. When your apprentices are exposed to your team’s best practices, they’ll turn out better results.
  • Apprenticeship is an investment in your company’s future. Having apprentices allows you to build your future workforce while training them with the existing expertise of your current craftsmen. Apprentices, as mentioned above, tend to be at the cutting edge of their trade, learning the latest techniques and tools to get the job done. This introduces to your company the most current knowledge in the industry, allowing you to be pace-setters instead of followers.
  • Benefits are proven by the numbers. More than three-quarters of employers say apprenticeship creates higher productivity; 77 percent believe apprenticeship makes them more competitive, nearly 90 percent report that apprenticeship leads to a more satisfied and more motivated workforce, and two-thirds say that apprenticeship helps them fill vacancies more quickly.*

The benefits to apprentices in these programs are obvious: higher-paying jobs, earning during training, employment security and more. However, the benefits to contractors are just as compelling, making apprenticeship a real win-win for contractors in the midstate and across the country.

*Source: National Apprenticeship Service, 2014

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