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Top 100 2014: Play the Central Penn Business Journey game

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Preparing to play

You will need:

• One die (Or use www.random.org/dice)

• One copy of the Central Penn Business Journal’s Top 100 Private Companies 2014 edition OR download this file to print your game pieces on your own letter-size paper. (You’ll probably want to savor your Business Journal for several months yet.) If you can print on 11-by-17 paper, download this file.

• One pair of scissors

All cards, game pieces and the playing board are included in the print edition or in the PDF. If you’re not printing the PDF, gently remove the board from pages 42-43. You’ll find CPBJ Bucks, trivia cards and the player pieces on the chapter pages and in other spots throughout the publication (pages 7, 15, 27, 45, 62 and 63). Cut out all pieces. Grab some co-workers. Get ready to play!


Players begin the game with $100. (Need more money? Just print it! Click here to download a PDF of just CPBJ Bucks.) Once each player receives his or her initial $100 in CPBJ Bucks, place additional bills in the treasury area. Money generated by landing on squares comes from the treasury unless otherwise specified. Payments are deposited in this area as well. Players may choose a CFO to count, distribute and collect payments.

Direction of play

The player who rolls the highest number goes first, and turns continue counterclockwise. To move forward, players roll one die and proceed ahead by the number of spaces rolled. Players generally proceed straight forward, but there is one opportunity on the board (Pick your path) where players may opt to take a shortcut. A player passing “Pick your path” may choose to take the shortcut or proceed forward. Players who land directly on “Pick your path” remain on the space without penalty, and he or she may choose what direction to take on the next turn. The shortcut reconnects with the main path in a “Tax time” square. Arrows on this square indicate the direction all players should proceed.

Industry squares

Each player’s gamepiece features an icon representing one of nine industries from this year’s Top 100 Private Companies list: auto and equipment dealers; banking and finance; construction; health care; manufacturing; printing and publishing; real estate; retail; and transportation, distribution and warehousing

If a player lands on his or her own industry square, he or she is paid $100 from the treasury. Players who land on industry spots other than their own must pay the holder of that industry $40. If no one holds the rights to that industry, no money is exchanged.

Changing industries

After each player has rolled at least once, a player may opt to swap his or her industry piece for an unused one. This swap costs $100, payable to the treasury. Players may change industries no more than twice. The new industry piece begins play in the same space its player occupied before the switch.

Lack of funds

Players who have run out of money may continue to roll unless the roll would move them to a space that requires a payment. In such cases, the player forfeits the turn and must remain in the same space. Player must wait until his or her next turn to roll again. He or she may not move forward until it is to a space that does not require payment.


If a player lands on a bankruptcy space, that player must return to the start square and deposit all but $100 (If player has less than $100, keep all money) in the treasury.


When a player lands on a trivia space, another player picks up the top card on the trivia stack and asks the trivia question. Players who land on a trivia space and correctly answer the question receive $20 from the treasury. Incorrect answers have no monetary compensation or cost. The player remains on that square until his or her next turn. Return the asked trivia card to the bottom of the stack.


After all players have reached the finish square, players count their money. The player with the most money wins. In the event of a tie, the player who finished first is the winner.

Win even bigger!

Take a picture of your team playing Central Penn Business Journey, then tweet it (Be sure to tag us @CPBJ and use hashtag #CPBJTop100.), post it to our Facebook page or email it to editorial@cpbj.com by Friday, Sept. 12. Our favorite photo will win a prize.

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