Rick Hallock said:
I think this project has a lot of merit from many standpoints. I have driven by this land many times and often
wondered what would happen to this farm field on Progress Avenue. I think Progress is the operative word here. It
sounds like Ralph Vartan has designed this area with a feeling of "community" for Susquehanna Township. Although
different in some respects, the plan is similar to the design concepts of Columbia MD. It provides a nice blend of
residential living with commercial growth.
Ralph Vartan has also provided a very positive impact on the city of Harrisburg with his 1500 Condominium.
There are now 2 restaurants and 43 condominium units in a neighborhood previously known only for the great
work of the Bethesda Mission and the surrounding urban blight.
Just like the 1500 Condominium, the Progress Avenue project sounds like it should not only blend with, but enhance
the surrounding neighborhood.