Val Nostdahl said:
in 2000, 2001 postal employees paid in extra to their retirement systems under the 1997 budget act for budget reasons only. ( NALC legislative fact sheet)
CBO letter to the honorable Jim Nussle, January 27, 2003
EMA foundation institute on Postal Studies February 12, 2003

postal service is to get lowered payments in to the CSRS, from 32 billion to 5 billion
to be paid back over 40 years due to the overfunding of CSRS.
lobby groups like ALEC /Koch have pull so the ALEC/Koch Cabal pursuing the privatization of USPS for Ups and FedEx, bob Sloan, April 2012, had taken place since 1980
CBO then steps in and PMG does not raise stamp rates causing a false financial crisis for federal budget
the PAEA which give pay per performance bonuses to the PMG gets passed by voce vote so instead of paying 5 billion over 40 years due to overfunded retirement accounts, the USPS is forced to pay in 5 billion a year for over 10 years, or paying 47 billion the prefunding amount.
A manufactured crisis to break the USPS.
APWU 3800 PA library, stress in the workplace article 2008 , how the ongoing violation of the USPS guiding principles are creating a toxic work environment
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