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Time for some spring cleaning

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When I started working at Journal Multimedia (the parent company of the Central Penn Business Journal), one of my associates shared a story with me.

It went like this: A guy gets a new job, and on his first day he realizes there's a long, fat, orange extension cord that extends the entire length of one hallway — and it's being held down by copious amounts of duct tape.

Being new, the man waited a few days to say anything. When he finally asked why it was there, the reply he received was, "We've all just gotten used to stepping over it, so there's no point in moving it."

Eventually, the new guy became the seasoned guy, and you know what? He got so used to stepping over the cord that he ceased to notice it.

Nice story, I know. But what does it mean for your business?

It means that sometimes you need to stop running at full steam and look at your business with fresh eyes. Where are the glaring, ugly extension cords in your office (figuratively speaking)? What mild hindrance is affecting everyone, and yet nothing has been done about it? What can you address quickly that will spruce up how your business is running?

It's time to spring clean your business. And I don't mean just washing the windows and getting the cobwebs out of corners. Find those details that you can adjust to make you, your employees and your business more efficient.

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Amy Gulli

Amy Gulli

Amy Gulli is the managing editor of the Central Penn Business Journal. Have a question or tip for her? Email her at Follow her on Twitter, @amygulli. Circle Amy Gulli on .

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