JoeM789 said:
The title to this article is a bold and false statement.

Just because M$ is turning their backs on XP (actually they did years ago), that does not mean XP computers are vulnerable. The fact is, and also has been, that Windows operating systems are natively insecure. They have relied heavily on third party software and "developers" to come up with ways to protect users. And the same holds true even after 2014. XP will still function the same way and protect users the same way thanks to third party interventions. There is no reason to upgrade unless your workflow is limited by XP limitations. And if it is, move up to Windows 7. Stay far away from Windows 8 because its the new "Windows Me". An unstable, ugly, parasite in the OS world. A gimmick to cross smartphones with desktops. When M$ invents something, it takes them years to get it right.