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Waiting for the Supreme Court feels good

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Waiting is generally one of my least favorite activities, but on the contraceptive mandate it kind of feels good.

I say that not because I think I know which way the ruling will go, but because for once an Obamacare question is being decided in public. That is, everyone knows what's being argued, everyone knows who's making the decision, everyone could (and apparently did) file friend of the court briefs, and everyone knows how and approximately when the announcement will be made.

It's all over the news, and we as a nation are having a cultural conversation about it.

The contrast is, of course, all the administrative changes that have been made in the past couple of years. Those have tended to come without both fanfare and warning; some had press conferences, but many came via only lengthy regulatory filing, often in proximity to weekends and holidays, and — well, I'll say reporters have been seriously unhappy and stop at that. If you've been paying attention at all, you know what I mean.

So, for once, I'm happy to wait.

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This is tomorrow, so please remember to join us: "Ask Matthew Kirk your Obamacare questions."

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Quick, gossipy follow-up on "Unilife CFO leaves, interim replacement named" via an SEC filing that I'm going to call "What the Unilife guy got." The $$ details you want are under "Departure of Chief Financial Officer."

And having ventured onto the subject, I will say that though it is rather rank conjecture, I found this interesting reading: "Unilife: CFO Resignation And Usurious Financing Imply Substantial Downside."

• • •

A couple of weeks ago, someone asked me who the biggest employers were in Lancaster County. I said, "Lancaster General Health, for sure. And, uh ...." And then I mumbled something about some of my colleagues doing more coverage of some companies than I do because of the distribution of our industry beats.

I then hastily forgot about the exchange ... until I stumbled onto a Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry report that contained the following list. My reason for including it here, besides delivering Empowering Knowledge, is to remind you yet again what a large segment of the economy health care occupies.

Major employersIndustry sector
LANCASTER GENERAL HOSPITALHealth Care and Social Assistance
MUTUAL ASSISTANCE GROUPHealth Care and Social Assistance
EPHRATA COMMUNITY HOSPITAL INCHealth Care and Social Assistance
COUNTY OF LANCASTERPublic Administration
MASONIC VILLAGESHealth Care and Social Assistance
• • •

Finally, you want more things to read about health care? I recommend the following.

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