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We understand your plan, Gov. Corbett, but it's not working

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Dear Gov. Corbett:

I understand, sir, why you continue to push on certain issues when you've clearly lost. I'm thinking specifically here of privatizing the lottery, the voter ID law, and the recent state Supreme Court decision on Act 13.

In each of those cases, your motives were clear. It's obvious you're following the ALEC playbook closely, and each of those attempts was geared toward binding your core conservative base to you while taking a swipe at the liberals across the aisle.

But here's the thing, sir: Your tactics aren't working.

Every time another state official or agency has to hold a news conference (ahem: Attorney General Kathleen Kane) or issue a court memorandum (ahem: the state Supreme Court) and say, "What Gov. Corbett is trying to do is unconstitutional," it hurts you. And your image. You are making it appear more and more that those who support you are supporting someone who doesn't understand the laws of his own state.

Just as important, it makes it harder for you to get other important work done, like pension reform and liquor privatization

Try some bipartisanship. It could be the wave of the future — and you, its leader. And it just might earn you some of that important support back.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Amy Gulli

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Amy Gulli

Amy Gulli

Amy Gulli is the managing editor of the Central Penn Business Journal. Have a question or tip for her? Email her at Follow her on Twitter, @amygulli. Circle Amy Gulli on .

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