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Report: Pa. fast losing solar jobs


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A report from the Solar Foundation says the industry experienced record-breaking job growth last year across the country — except in Pennsylvania.

"In fact, Pennsylvania was the only state in the Northeast to lose a significant number of solar workers with its job force dropping by nearly 28 percent while New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts all ranked in the top five states nationally," a news release from the Sierra Club said.

But Gov. Tom Corbett's office disputes the Solar Foundation's report, saying the numbers are skewed.

"I would note that, like many industries, capturing job numbers at a fixed point in time can be misleading," said Patrick Henderson, Corbett's deputy chief of staff and energy executive. "Many of the jobs apparently counted in this census are for construction and installation of solar."

The Solar Foundation report states the solar industry in Massachusetts and New York both grew by nearly 50 percent, while developing markets in North Carolina and Georgia doubled their solar jobs, the news release states. Georgia is seeing growth in installations, too, thanks to policies in place there.

In 2011, a popular solar subsidy program in Pennsylvania came to an end, something that critics at the time said would cause a loss of jobs and business in the state.

But maybe that hasn't had as much of an impact as the Solar Foundation report would indicate.

Henderson notes that several solar-related projects — some very large — were completed in 2012.

"For example, the largest solar project in the commonwealth's history occurred under Gov. Corbett's watch — Nesquehoning Solar Park (in Carbon County) was built and activated in 2012," Henderson said in an email. "Additionally, another large project, the Keystone Solar project in Radnor, Lancaster County, was built and activated in October 2012."

Tom Schuster, Pennsylvania campaign representative of the Sierra Club, calls Corbett out to reverse the apparent job-loss trend.

"It's unacceptable that Governor Corbett is sitting idly by while Pennsylvania loses good clean energy jobs," Schuster said. "This should be a wake-up call to the governor that it's time to get Pennsylvania back on track with a greater administrative focus on developing renewable energy sources, like solar and wind, that will create jobs and make Pennsylvania a national leader once again."

Henderson said the governor is keeping renewable resources in mind. Meanwhile, he said Corbett has asked the Sierra Club and others to help him formulate the state's energy policy.

"It is unproductive that the Sierra Club chooses to only speak to Gov. Corbett through press releases," Henderson said. "We have actually extended invitations to the Sierra Club to discuss alternative energy several times — including in the development of Gov. Corbett's recently released State Energy Plan, but regrettably they have failed to take us up on this offer."

Joseph Deinlein

Joseph Deinlein

Joseph Deinlein covers York County, energy and environment, agribusiness and workforce issues. Have a tip or question for him? Email him at Follow him on Twitter, @JDeinleinCPBJ. Circle Joseph Deinlein on .



An anonymous reader said:
Carl, what's the matter besides that fact you like to ignore reality for your bottom line. No I don't work for the Sierra Club, but I do work for a planet that is under assault by industries that only care about their profits over the condition of the environment that sustains them.

March 1, 2014 9:55 am

Mike said:
My PA based company has hired over 60 people in the last year-regrettably, most of them in states that are much more friendly to renewable sources of energy.

Itís beyond me that folks can be so upset about the incentives and tax credits that the renewable industry receives and not be railing against the huge subsidies that traditional fuels have received for close to 75 years-much more than renewables have received or will ever likely receive.

Solar energy is good for national security, un-off shore able jobs and the environment. With prices falling as much as 60% over the last few years, we will be at grid parity soon and the difference in cost with fossil fuels will be negligible-with none of the negatives associated with coal and oil.

February 25, 2014 1:37 pm

carl said:
Charles,I, know 2 PA companies that have received over 1 million each in tax subsidies to add solar. Both stated they would not have done it if it was not subsidized as the technology has no paybacks to the investment. My question if Industry will not pay for a technology because it is not financially beneficial why should the tax payer of PA cover it. If Ed stopped this bad investment good.
Regulation in my company, ACA, EPA, and many other new BS regulations causing industrial building increases to 1/3 higher, we pay $m in taxes and would like to add jobs if we could afford to. And you wonder why manufacturing goes offshore "because regulation and socialist policy cannot be the reason".
Charles what do you for a living Sierra Club?

February 19, 2014 6:44 am

Charles said:
Hey Carl you don't know what you're talking about There were thousands of applications under the Solar Program that PA chose to discontinue. To quote the first Secretary of the DEP, Krancer, under Corbet "Energy is not in my job description".

If the administration really backed Solar it would fix the weak S-Rec value by shifting the Portfolio distribution backward, but prefers to ignore it so that there is little incentive for businesses at present.

As far as subsidies just look at those to the fossil fuels and nuclear industries in the form of tax breaks that total in the billions of dollars. In fact if all subsidies are taken into account, the cost of nuclear energy would be prohibitive.

And regulation is necessary to minimize certain industries from destroying our environment. I'll bet Mr.Martin's is one of them.

February 18, 2014 4:58 pm

Carl Martin said:
I find it interesting that anyone other than the Sierra Club would care about loosing Solar Jobs. I have noted a few applications, with million $ tax payer subsidized industry solar systems added to industry with less than $90k offset yearly electric costs. To me not a good value to the tax payer.
Meanwhile ALL other companies wanting to expand are met with HUGE regulation expansion. My company has interest to expand a 400 employee facility to 800 people and hit with Millions $ in added regulation. WHO THE CRAP CARES ABOUT SOLAR JOBS.

February 18, 2014 11:49 am

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