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Ask the Expert

Consultative Based Media PlanningShaunJude McCoach | Sales Manager

ShaunJude McCoach
ShaunJude McCoach

Q: What qualifies someone as an Ask the Expert?

A: We here at the Central Penn Business Journal believe that our advertisers are industry leaders in their fields. Ask the Expert is an outlet that can be used to educate our readers on a variety of topics. These topics are usually specific to the client's area of expertise or could be a trending topic in today's society that our client feels he/she has experience. It is our goal to deliver relevant content to our subscribers and make sure that their information needs are met. If you are an "Expert" and have an interest in becoming an "Ask the Expert" contributor, please feel free to contact either myself or your Central Penn Business Journal Account Executive.

ShaunJude McCoach, Sales Manager
Central Penn Business Journal
1500 Paxton St. Harrisburg, PA 17104

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