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Appreciate the diversity in your workers today

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None of you needs me to tell you who the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was, or that today is the annual day dedicated in his honor.

What I'm going to do is ask you to do me — and yourself — a favor today.

Stop and take at least one minute to look around your company, your office, your factory — wherever you are — and contemplate the diversity among your staff and colleagues.

I don't mean for you to simply assess the color of people's skin.

How many women do you see? How many single fathers, regardless of race? How many LGBT, veterans, recovering drug addicts or alcoholics? How many of them are dealing with mental-health diseases or struggling with physical abnormalities or illnesses? How many are Jewish or Pagan or atheists?

And then I want you to take one more minute to appreciate the diversity. Because that diversity means you have a broader range of ideas, suggestions, viewpoints and talents working with you and for you.

If you look at your employees today and see a homogeneous pile of people about whom you know little, then you've got some work to do — and it's probably not on your to-do list. You need to find out who your employees are as individuals, what makes each one unique, instead of seeing only what you want to see.

That's two minutes of your day I'm asking for. That's it. Time enough to stop viewing people only by their gender or the color of their skin and consider the content of their characters.

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Amy Gulli

Amy Gulli

Amy Gulli is the managing editor of the Central Penn Business Journal. Have a question or tip for her? Email her at Follow her on Twitter, @amygulli. Circle Amy Gulli on .

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