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An example of nature inspiring business

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This story jumped out at me for a couple of reasons. One is that we're in the prime of hunting season, and I saw the words “grouse” and “camouflage.”

Then I saw it was from the paper where I got my start in this journalism game: The Daily Collegian student paper at Penn State.

Turns out, the most important part of this whole thing is that this is a business story. Entrepreneurialism at its finest.

Here's a Penn State student who has an a-ha moment by noticing just how concealed a grouse is in nature.

I've seen it myself. The darn things explode in a drumbeat to fly up and away from you, and I swear it's like they were hiding in the ground before taking flight instead of on top of it — when you can even get that close or they aren't holed up in thick cover.

So back to the business. A little getting friends involved here, and some funding there, and boom: a camouflage business based on a new design concept.

It's also a reminder that probably one of the best places to look for business inspiration is nature.

Natural selection favors the best adapted in the environment as well as in our built economy. And just think how much longer of a head start nature's "economy" has on the man-made one.

The bugs have been worked out of the prototypes for years. And no one is going to sue you for intellectual property piracy. What better start could you get than that?

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