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Sound Off: What you said

Last week’s question: Do you have trouble finding quality candidates for jobs? Tell us why or why not.

Yes — 85 percent

No — 15 percent


From our LinkedIn group:


Good Question. Companies in our area are increasingly surprised that the “pool” for hiring is not deeper. That seems to be across a wide variety of companies; industrial, engineering, service industries and even distribution. Most people have the initial impression that the unemployment levels are still high, therefore there will be abundant candidates to consider when those positions do arise. Then the intrigue and frustration hits ..... The internet has changed hiring and job hunting in a big way. It is now easier for candidates to submit applications to positions. That can be a good thing, but it often becomes a hurdle for hiring managers when individuals who have no qualifications whatsoever quickly fill the “in box” and require perusal. Weeks later they find they have taken a lot of time, weeded through resumes from Texas, India, Florida and Mexico all for a local position for a Maintenance Technician. It is so easy for those candidates to shoot out resumes to hundreds of positions. As one of them told me “it doesn’t cost me anything and for the right job I will relocate to the North Pole.” The “quality candidates” are out there and getting that “great fit” is critical though. Traditional methods might not be the answer at this point so you need to network, think the process through before you get too far, get recruiting training or get help. It has taken us a lot of coordination, training, shared experiences, networking and fine-tuning to get it right. Don’t become overwhelmed; there is a fit for every position.

—Craig Miller


From Twitter:


Yes! People are very ill-prepared for professional interviews. Doesn’t matter age or experience.

—Megan Shaffer (@MeganShaffer74)

This week’s question:

Are you planning to change your level of corporate giving this year? Tell us why or why not.

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