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Obamacare: What you should be angry about

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It's Obamacare Anger Week.

And no, my impetus for that decision wasn't President Obama's address Monday, during which he talked about his frustration with the three-week-old marketplace's problems.

It was reading yet another "but...BUT...AAARGH!" story. Those ignominious entities are pieces in which I am forced to conclude that the authors are either giving deliberately inaccurate portrayals or passing themselves off as experts despite being notably unqualified to assume that mantle.

I've seen a number of them, and from both sides. This particular one was a takedown of another piece — but the takedown itself omitted some supremely relevant data.

Now, I'll be the first to admit that Obamacare, with its myriad complexities, slowly released regulations and abundantly confusing vocabulary, is difficult at best to explain with complete accuracy, particularly in limited space. It's like any hard job: Some efforts are more successful than others. But if you're honestly trying, it's pretty likely your overall result is going to be good.

What I'm angry about are people who obviously are not trying very hard to paint an accurate picture of the law and its implications. Either they're convinced their view is correct and they're feeding you just the information that they believe will make you agree with them, or they're telling you how important the issue is while simultaneous being shamefully cavalier with the facts.

Either way, regardless of their motives, they're doing you and the nation a distinct disservice.

That's something to be angry about.

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I've mentioned before that health care corporate structures are crazy. This is just more fuel for that fire: UPMC says it does not have employees.

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Based on the numbers, I'd put this in my Bills Likely to Pass list: PA to create drug database to reduce doctor shopping, ODs.

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When I read articles like this, I always get a nice "I could have intuited that!" mental glow: Digital tools and online health services poised to play key role in consumer health management, study finds.

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This issue hasn't been getting much attention lately, but it hasn't gone away yet, either: Judge declines to halt 'Obamacare' insurance subsidies, and Indiana school districts sue over Obamacare.

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Finally, I read this because the phrase "cause 15% of hospitals to become unprofitable in a decade" caught my eye:

AcademyHealth: Hospitals' responses to Medicare cuts.

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