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Forty Under 40 > Class of 2013 > W. Casey Deller, P.E.
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W. Casey Deller, P.E., 35 C.S. Davidson, Inc., Project Manager & Technical Services Manager

W. Casey Deller, P.E.
W. Casey Deller, P.E. - (Photo / )
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As project manager for C.S. Davidson, Inc., W. Casey Deller's many notable engineering projects have led him to become a standout engineer in the region. These include the $32 million Sovereign Bank Stadium and Yorkshire Elementary School, a $16.7 million, 60,000-square-foot facility.

A trailblazer within his organization, Deller holds Professional Engineering licenses in several states and is responsible for the administration and management of multi-discipline, large-dollar contracts. Last year alone, Deller completed more than 70 projects, with design fees totaling more than $1 million. His organizational leadership also earned him a role as C.S. Davidson's technical services manager and chair of the company's award-winning Wellness Committee.

Deller's vision of the future is one of regional growth and sustainable development, which is why he stays active in the community. He serves on United Way of York's executive committee and the York City Little League board of directors, and he is chairman of the Emerging Leaders Society and a graduate of Leadership York.

W. Casey Deller, P.E.

Project Manager & Technical Services Manager
C.S. Davidson, Inc.
York, York County

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