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Forty Under 40 > Class of 2013 > Andrew D. Guelcher
Forty Under 40 Awards

Andrew D. Guelcher, 33 Ciocca Honda/Ciocca Hyundai of Lebanon, General Manager

Andrew D. Guelcher
Andrew D. Guelcher - (Photo / )
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A leader in the automotive landscape, Andrew D. Guelcher has lead an increase and sales and profits since joining the automobile industry 10 years ago, and he shows no signs of slowing his innovative thinking. Guelcher's guidance has led Ciocca Honda/Ciocca Hyundai of Lebanon to a purchase a competitive dealership; construct a $2 million state-of-the-art collision center and yearover- year increases in net sales and profits.

Under Guelcher's leadership, the Ciocca organization has been designated one of the Best Places to Work in Pennsylvania and it has also earned a national ranking by Automotive News. These awards are a testament to his customer service and team-building efforts.

Guelcher's drive and motivation does not stop at work. He has been known to go above and beyond in order to support the community, including participation with Central Pennsylvania's Midstate Home Makeover, Hyundai's Hope on Wheels campaign, Ronald McDonald House of Central Pennsylvania, the Caring Cupboard and the Palmyra Area School District.

Andrew D. Guelcher

General Manager
Ciocca Honda/Ciocca Hyundai of Lebanon
Harrisburg, Dauphin County

Superhero Name: Get It Done
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