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Forty Under 40 > Class of 2013 > Laura V. Hess, FSA
Forty Under 40 Awards

Laura V. Hess, FSA, 39 Conrad Siegel Actuaries, Partner & Consulting Actuary

Laura V. Hess, FSA
Laura V. Hess, FSA - (Photo / )
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Since joining Conrad Siegel Actuaries in 1998, Laura V. Hess jumped on the fast track to becoming a partner and an integral member of the team. Her leadership skills and client relation abilities proved that it was a warranted designation.

During her ascend to the top, she received her fellowship in the Society of Actuaries — the profession's highest distinction — as well as membership in the American Academy of Actuaries and an Enrolled Actuary under ERISA, the national law that governs qualified retirement plans. At Conrad Siegel, she chairs the Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB) Committee and leads the operating component of the Defined Contributions Committee.

Outside the walls of Conrad Siegel, Hess is an inspiration for preteen girls, serving as treasurer for the Capital Area Girls on the Run, an after-school youth development organization for young girls that focuses on health and exercise. Hess also volunteers her time to the United Way Bridges Society and is a recent graduate of Leadership Harrisburg's Community Leadership Series.

Laura V. Hess, FSA

Partner & Consulting Actuary
Conrad Siegel Actuaries
Harrisburg, Dauphin County

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