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Forty Under 40 > Class of 2013 > Catherine A. Hoover
Forty Under 40 Awards

Catherine A. Hoover, 31 Raudenbush Engineering, Inc., Project Engineer

Catherine A. Hoover
Catherine A. Hoover - (Photo / )
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Catherine A. Hoover's lead on notable professional engineering projects at Raudenbush Engineering, Inc. has led her to become a standout engineer within the region, designing effective master planning, site design, permitting and planning site effectiveness and functionality. At Raudenbush Engineering, Hoover is not only driven by her projects but also by her hand in overseeing a company-wide sustainability program designed to eliminate waste and increase productivity of the firm. Within her industry, the Central Pennsylvania Engineer Week Council recognized her as the Central Pennsylvania Young Engineer of the Year.

Her professional engineering experience has been called upon to lead citywide beautification efforts as vice president of Harrisburg Young Professionals. Hoover's community dedication is also evident through her time spent on the boards of Harrisburg's Broad Street Market and Green Building Association of Central PA, as well as on the Greater Middletown Economic Development Council and HACC's Engineering Technology Advisory Board.

Catherine A. Hoover

Project Engineer
Raudenbush Engineering, Inc.
Middletown, Dauphin County

Superhero Name: Silver Splash
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