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Forty Under 40 > Class of 2013 > Adrian E. Young, JD, MBA, CAP, CFP
Forty Under 40 Awards

Adrian E. Young, JD, MBA, CAP, CFP, 36 Ambassador Advisors, LLC, Executive Vice President

Adrian E. Young, JD, MBA, CAP, CFP
Adrian E. Young, JD, MBA, CAP, CFP - (Photo / )
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Adrian E. Young displays his professional accomplishments by the dynamic balance in his multidisciplinary practice. Young is a partner, executive vice president and chief compliance officer for Ambassador Advisors, LLC, and he is a Registered Investment Advisor and supervising principal for American Portfolios, the broker-dealer that provides Ambassador Advisors with its array of insurance products. Aside from these responsibilities, Young is also the founder and president of AE Young and Associates, a law firm specializing in delivering business, estate and tax planning.

Young is a fervent seeker of continuing education, graduating with a degree in international business and management from Dickinson College and a juris doctor and MBA from Temple University. Since joining Ambassador Advisors, he has earned the designations of Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy and Certified Financial Planner.

Young's community service spans many organizations, including his pro bono legal work. He leads endowment committees at his church, is board vice president for Cornerstone Pregnancy Care Services and treasurer for St. Paul's Christian Early Learning Center.

Adrian E. Young, JD, MBA, CAP, CFP

Executive Vice President
Ambassador Advisors, LLC
Lancaster, Lancaster County

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