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Jaime Lynn Zurat, 35 Classic Drycleaners and Laundromats, Marketing Manager

Jaime Lynn Zurat
Jaime Lynn Zurat - (Photo / )
Drew M. Helmstetter, MBA - (Photo / Amy Spangler) Jaime Lynn Zurat - (Photo / Amy Spangler) Ray Zaborney - (Photo / Amy Spangler) Adrian E. Young, JD, MBA, CAP, CFP - (Photo / Amy Spangler) Lisa A. Williams - (Photo / Amy Spangler) David R. Warner Jr. - (Photo / Amy Spangler) Daniel Tad Thau - (Photo / Amy Spangler) Janice L. Snyder, CPA - (Photo / Amy Spangler) Justin D. Shelton - (Photo / Amy Spangler) Craig S. Sharnetzka, Esq. - (Photo / Amy Spangler) Karie Shearer Craig - (Photo / Amy Spangler) Brian W. Laub - (Photo / Amy Spangler) Wendy Lakatosh, CPA - (Photo / Amy Spangler) Justin J. Kovaleski - (Photo / Amy Spangler) Zachary M. Khuri - (Photo / Amy Spangler) Zach A. Kauffman - (Photo / Amy Spangler) Peter L. Kang, M.D., FACEP - (Photo / Amy Spangler) Catherine A. Hoover - (Photo / Amy Spangler) Laura V. Hess, FSA - (Photo / Amy Spangler) Andrew D. Guelcher - (Photo / Amy Spangler) David Freedman - (Photo / Amy Spangler) George M. Fernandez - (Photo / Amy Spangler) Kimberly A. Etter - (Photo / Amy Spangler) Mark R. DiGiamberdini - (Photo / Amy Spangler) Lori Dietrich - (Photo / Amy Spangler) Ali K. Detar, CPSM - (Photo / Amy Spangler) C. Katherine DeStefano, MA, LPC - (Photo / Amy Spangler) W. Casey Deller, P.E. - (Photo / Amy Spangler) Jeremy R. DeBord - (Photo / Amy Spangler) Sherry M. Cracium-Bolin, CPA - (Photo / Amy Spangler) John M. Coles - (Photo / Amy Spangler) Christopher A. Cassel, CPA - (Photo / Amy Spangler) Matthew T. Bono, CPA - (Photo / Amy Spangler) Lisa Marie Benzie - (Photo / Amy Spangler) John A. Bassounas - (Photo / Amy Spangler) Stephen M. Bartoli, CIMA, CPWA - (Photo / Amy Spangler) William David Barr - (Photo / Amy Spangler) Vance E. Antonacci - (Photo / Amy Spangler) Ben Allatt - (Photo / Amy Spangler) Wilda N. Alessi - (Photo / Amy Spangler)


During Jaime Lynn Zurat's time as marketing manager, Classic Drycleaners and Laundromats has successfully added two new retail store locations; a wedding gown cleaning and preservation department; a franchise division for smoke, fire and water textile restoration; and a home pickup and delivery route. Zurat understands the vision for slow, controlled, smart growth and has been instrumental in her company's growth.

"She is of her own mind with discerning morals and ethics, and will choose the path of what's right over what's wrong without hesitation," said Paula Kostick, owner of Classic Drycleaners and Laundromats.

This strength helped Zurat create the core values that are used by the organization's management on a daily basis.

Zurat created Classic Drycleaners' first website in 2002 and performed its recent relaunch in 2012, and she has taken the lead in everything virtual marketing-related, from social media to the company's new mobile application. Last year, Classic Drycleaners supported more than 250 local community events with Zurat's coordination, support and efforts.

Jaime Lynn Zurat

Marketing Manager
Classic Drycleaners and Laundromats
Lemoyne, Cumberland County

Superhero Name: Rescue Ranger
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