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Forty Under 40 > Class of 2013 > Drew M. Helmstetter, MBA
Forty Under 40 Awards

Drew M. Helmstetter, MBA, 29 Capital BlueCross, Director, Large Group Sales

Drew M. Helmstetter, MBA
Drew M. Helmstetter, MBA - (Photo / )
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According to Drew M. Helmstetter, his wife is the key to his work-life-balance, supporting him professionally while also providing family balance.

As director of large group sales, Helmstetter oversees the retention of more than 90 percent of Capital BlueCross' large group, for which he has grown the company customer base for three straight years with the addition of 29,000 new contracts. During his ascent to management, he earned the honor of Outstanding Account Executive, his master's degree in business administration and his resident producer license in accident, health, life and fixed annuities, making an immediate impact on the organization's sales.

Outside the office, Helmstetter is an important part of the community, taking his love for sports and athletics and dedicating his skills as a team leader to Creative Energy Options Build and Give and a counselor at the World B. Free Basketball Camp. Helmstetter also donates his time in support of Crohn's Disease, pediatric cancer and children's education.

Drew M. Helmstetter, MBA

Director, Large Group Sales
Capital BlueCross
Harrisburg, Dauphin County

Superhero Name: The Defender

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