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Forty Under 40 > Class of 2012 > Meron Yemane
Forty Under 40 Awards

Meron Yemane, 27 Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, Financial Advisor

Meron Yemane
Meron Yemane - (Photo / )
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In 2007, 1,100 new financial advisers joined the ranks at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney. Today, Meron Yemane is one of only 100 of those advisers still with the company.

Yemane is a key member of the company's five-person Rockville Bridge Group, which manages more than $500 million for 1,600 households. As a representative of professional athletes and entertainers, a niche he began, Yemane personally represents players and agents in the NFL.

He also spends about 40 hours a week volunteering as president of Harrisburg Young Professionals, and serves on the board of directors for four other nonprofit organizations in the area. Additionally, he's a founding member of The Hill Society, a club created to facilitate the exchange of ideas and information by local business and government leaders.

Spending more than a full-time job's worth of time on volunteer work seems to align well with Yemane's view on finding a balance between work and life. "Balance is overrated," he said. "Do everything to the fullest."

Meron Yemane

Financial Advisor
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
Camp Hill, PA

What movie resonates with your life? I have always enjoyed "Coming to America" with Eddie Murphy, who plays an African prince. My parents are from Eritrea, Africa, and in school classmates jokingly called me "Coming to America."
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