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Forty Under 40 > Class of 2012 > Anthony M. Conte, MSFS, CFP
Forty Under 40 Awards

Anthony M. Conte, MSFS, CFP, 35 Conte Wealth Advisors, Managing Partner

Anthony M. Conte
Anthony M. Conte - (Photo / )
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Anthony M. Conte's resume reads like a split personality.

There are the four years he worked as a writer and producer for CNN, contributing to such programs as "Larry King Live" and "Anderson Cooper 360," and receiving an Emmy certificate for his work during the week of Sept. 11, 2001. There's also a highlighted stint in Berlin, where he worked at Nachrichten Fehrnsehen writing and producing packages for German television (in German, no less).

And then there's a sharp shift in focus, as Conte's interests turned to wealth management when he joined Conte Wealth Advisors in 2004 (then The Conte-Browne Group), and began building a second career in the finance industry.

Today, Conte manages the Camp Hill branch of Conte Wealth Advisors, as well as the expansion of the firm through a future Manhattan branch and one in Naples, Fla. He is responsible for much of the firm's portfolio management, financial planning and marketing efforts.

Anthony M. Conte, MSFS, CFP

Managing Partner
Conte Wealth Advisors
Camp Hill, PA

What's your favorite movie? "Synecdoche, New York," because it follows a man trying to encapsulate all of life's experiences, all of life's emotions, into one play.
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