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Sound Off: What you said

Question of the Week: Do you regularly fly out of Harrisburg International Airport? Tell us why or why not.

Yes — 63 percent

No — 37 percent

From our Facebook page:


Not regularly... But whenever I fly. Just flew in last night it’s convenient & I don’t have to pay for parking because I can always just get a ride.

—Katherine Kievit Smith


Yes. Convenient, it’s never crowded, it’s clean, and Cramer parking. Some flights might be a bit more money, but it’s worth it.

—Mary Abruzzese


It’s close, clean, not crowded (shorter lines), cheaper parking, security is pleasant and efficient.

—Robert Bowen


Robert Bowen: you are right but you can’t get anywhere from there.

—Karen Guest Mummert


True. Connections are bothersome. But the convenience for me outweighs the layovers. HIA for me!!!

—Robert Bowen


Fly southwest and like straight thru non stop flights. So no HIA

—Greg Hess KeystoneRestorations


Yes. Can’t beat the convenience and ease of getting from Point A to Point B.

—Cheryl Cole-Sakalosky


From our LinkedIn Group:


MDT is not conducive to the flyer who cannot set up their schedule more than two weeks in advance.


Years back, I traveled at least 3 times a month, and most were on 1 week notice. I always flew out of BWI for them as it was at least 40% cheaper. The folks at HIA were not business travel friendly at all.

—Chris Lawrence


Most definitely fly out of HIA (MDT). I can’t be bothered driving up to 2 hours to fly somewhere, especially for quick trips when I have to fly out early in the AM. The cost of the parking, gas, possible hotel (if I have to stay the night before to leave early in the AM) and mostly my valuable time would cancel out any dollar savings that flying out of BWI or Philly would save on a ticket!

—Maureen Royer


Although mergers have reduced the number of direct flights, I still find Harrisburg convenient for many destinations. Having rail available from Philly increases flexibility when makes starting at HIA more dependable (can always get home from Philly).

—Peter F. Swan


The cost of flying out of MDT has come in line over the last few years, so we had been flying from there more and more. However, in the last month United has been 0 for 4 in on time flights to make connections to final destination. The hassle of delays and rebookings, along with the atrocious customer service of United, has us vowing to return to driving to BWI or PHL. Unfortunate.

—Mike Lehr


Rare, but any chance I get. My company won’t pay for tickets out of HIA if there is a price difference of more than $200 vs. BWI. And almost every time I need to book something, it’s at least that much. Frustrating! I’m not even looking for direct flights (which are rare anyway). But, when I do, it’s so much more convenient.

—Melanie Little


when we flew out last year for a family trip, we wanted to fly out of HIA, but they honestly cost too much, compared to flying out of Philly. If rates were reduced in the future, I’d definitely fly out of HIA, verses driving to Philly or BWI.

—Tara Mead


Short drive, short lines, MDT every time.

—Michael Boring


Ditto Michael, I can go to the airport 1/2 hour before my flight and still have time for coffee before the flight.

—Carolyn Lutz


I definitely like the convenience of the 20 minute drive, cheap parking compared to other locations, and the quick check in compared to many other locations. It is also another way to support your local business and the cost is not worth the small difference.

—Deb Barisch


Making “that” connection....there is always a connection... is so nerve wracking. I fly Dulles non-stop 3 or 4 times a year. (From Adams County the distance is similar to BWI.).

—Holly Kruper


Frontier flies direct to Orlando and Denver CO. I flew to Orlando in April for 177.00 round trip. Great price.

—Carolyn Lutz


Generallt too expensive compared to BWI, Dullas & Philly.

—Rick Fleck


I use MDT when I can for the convenience but about 50% of the time I end up using BWI due to price.

—Tom York


US Airways is my main carrier, and the destinations of Los Angeles, Atlanta, Orlando, Las Vegas, Chicago, and Houston are never a problem through this HUB. I’d rather show up 30 minutes before boarding at HIA, and then wait for a connecting flight in a terminal in Charlotte, NC or Philadelphia. Driving a distance, parking far away, waiting in long security lines that come standard with the larger airports can be aggravating before or after a long week on a convention floor. Baggage is always swift and easy on the return at HIA as compared to PIA which holds the current record at losing my baggage 7 times in a row.

—Adam Dana Edwards


Convenient. Shorter lines and back to home base quicker. MDT anytime. This is a gem for central PA.

—Dale Brubaker


MDT is easier and preferred. I live in between MDT and BWI. BWI can be quite a bit cheaper with more options in getting back earlier.

—Jack Dyson


My family lives all over the country--I always check rates from Harrisburg first (it would be great to fly out of our regional airport), but it’s usually at least several hundred dollars more than BWI. BWI is my airport of choice--great facility and easier to get to than Philadelphia.

—Britton Miller


You are less likely to find a direct flight out of Harrisburg. We make a yearly trip to Birmingham Al. Our last trip out of Hbg. included a 7 hour layover in Detroit on the way back. Now we go to BWI and fly cheaper and non-stop via Southwest.

—Jack Cantwell


I only fly for pleasure anymore, not business, so I only fly out of BWI because I am a Southwest FF. I was hoping SW would keep flights out of MDT, but they didn’t. The drive to BWI isn’t that bad. Would NEVER fly out of PHILA. That airport is terrible and it’s hard to get there.

—Maria Reedy


I fly for business and personal reasons, and 95% of the time I fly from HIA. What’s your time worth? If you value your time at all, the price differentials you have between our local facility and distant but larger airports is minimal (and with the costs of gas, car mileage, and potential overnight hotel if it’s an early morning flight, the difference in airline pricing pretty much disappears).


I really wish one of the HIA carriers would pick up the nonstop to Fort Lauderdale that AirTran had before Southwest pulled the services from here. I flew those direct flights several times; the convenience and time savings over the required plane changes to get there through other hubs was great - plus the flights were full! HIA shoud pitch the route to others. Not only is Fort Lauderdale the largest/busiest cruise port in the WORLD, it’s the best place in the continental US IMHO for SCUBA diving, not to mention a great vacation destination for families and adults.


Working with travel agents here and with the Fort Lauderdale Visitors Bureau, the airport should be able to get some statistics that would make the MDT-FLL direct route attractive for at least ONE carrier. Guess I’ll just have to keep talking it up...

—Jan Matthew Tamanini


I prefer Middletown and check it first. If flights are available I can allow for slightly higher price.

—Dennis Hertz


MDT is my airport of choice for business or leisure. Easy check in, fast and courteous plus I feel safer here than PHL or BWI. I think prices have come in line in the last few years. I fly primarily fly US Air and can get just about anywhere from MDT with a connection. If going away for a few days, Cramer’s parking is a sweet gig - they drop you at the door anytime of the day or night and car is in a locked yard - inexpensive and safe.

—Susan Federowicz


I would love to fly out of MDT- only 30 minures from my home- however the prices are almost 30-40% higher most times than Baltimore. I agree with Chris about MDT not being conducive within a 2 week period- not user friendly for business peple- It’s ok if you are heading to Disney World in Florida.


I do check Harrisburg first for the covenience, however it cannot be more than $100 higher than the least expensive flight. Where is Southwest or Airtran in MDT ?


Middletiwn needs to attract some new Airlines that can be competitive. Also more direct flights. Traveling is tough enough with directs without the stops playing with us. (More opportunities for problems)


I dislike traveling 2 hours after I have been pushed around with the Airlines ( delayed, cancelled flights, treated like Cattle etc.) As you know it’s all about saving $.

—Kenneth Keifer


no way, would rather make the drive to BWI for the price difference.

—Dave Shultz

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