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Love in the age of business

Jim T. Ryan
Jim T. Ryan

Do you love your employees? Or is the relationship status more along the lines of “it's complicated”?

Or, maybe a better question: Are you making them feel “unloved”?

Those sound like real touchy-feely questions to consider in business, but they might actually need to be asked if you’re doing any number of these unintentionally negative actions outlined in this latest article on the Manufacturing & Technology eJournal.

I was reading down the list and thinking, in many cases, if an employee did this to his or her boss, it would probably go down as a strike on the annual-review record. If you find yourself guilty of any of them, it might be worth considering that if you wouldn’t want an employee to do it to you, you shouldn’t do it to them.

I’m not quite sure what to make of this next website. PennDOT put up its “Decade of Investment” site, which allows people to map road, bridge and transit spending in the last 10 years -- by county, state representative and senator -- and gives a wrap-up of the consequences of not changing our funding options.

I’m wondering what the state paid for this site. Does it intend to keep it active on an ongoing basis so citizens can track government transportation spending over time? Or is it merely an expensive one-off to promote the favored transportation-spending reform bills of the Corbett administration?

I’m concerned the real goal is short-term politics and not long-term government transparency, which continues to be a problem for this commonwealth.

On another note, I have my concerns about Senate Bill 1, the front-runner in the state legislature for transportation funding reform. Namely, how the proposal doesn’t spread out the pain of fee increases.

Staying on the issue of transportation, when is Congress going to pass a long-term surface transportation bill? If the implosion of the farm bill last week is any indication, then we probably shouldn’t hold our breath for federal transportation funding.

If you’re holding your breath, stop. You’re turning purple.

Since we’re talking about public projects like transportation, then this story in the New York Times is worth a read from a an investment perspective. It illustrates the detriment of doing nothing: the cost of maintaining our infrastructure only increases.

I guess as I close this post out, I have but one question for all these things: Where’s the love, y’all?


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