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The ‘L’ Word

Dick Cross
Dick Cross

Love’s a word we seldom use in business.

But if you peel back the wrapping from emulation -- your highest voltage tool for building followership -- you’ll find love, love for you that makes your organization want desperately to support your initiatives.

Fear fosters only their compliance. Love releases their selfless zeal.

How do you get them to love you? First, you must love yourself. Enough to be open, humble, approachable, wrong at times and still confident.

Then, you have to love what you want to achieve.

So, what’s the difference between admirable love for yourself and conceit? Between love for what you’re trying to make happen and selfishness?

It’s motivation. But it’s an angle of motivation we mostly suppress. Because it so directly challenges everything we’ve always heard about the purpose of our Job At The Top. And about why our business exists.

Hang me from the yardarm, if you will, but I think we all know, deep inside, that profit’s not a fundamental motivator. Making rich guys richer, even if it includes ourselves, isn’t what inspires an organization’s love. But love for us and our businesses is what fuels extraordinary accomplishment.

The root of organizational love is making a contribution that’s needed. That others aren’t fulfilling, or that we can do better. Whether it’s altruism, pride or a combination of both, doing something better is the soul of motivation to excel. And doing it for a cause that benefits someone else, along with ourselves, is the magnum force multiplier to the sensation.

Imagine what it would feel like if everyone in your organization came to work filled with the spirit of improving someone else’s life -- and, concurrently, their own!

You can make this happen. The nature of your business doesn’t matter. It’s all about how you see your business from your Job At The Top. How you speak about it. What you reward. How you justify your actions. And what care about most -- whether that’s making life safer, more affordable or more enjoyable for others.

Try thinking about your business this way. Start talking about it. Bet you’ll see signs of a springtime and new energy around something starting with “L.”


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