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Sound Off: What you said

- Last modified: May 3, 2013 at 10:58 AM

Last week's question: Is your company’s social media presence benefitting your business?

Yes — 100 percent

From our Facebook page:


Yes, at WOLF we are using social media to listen intently to our customer’s requirements. They are telling us what they need and how they would like to do business with us.

—Kevin Jackson


Yes! Our customers often write on our wall after their installations and we love hearing how much they love their new bathrooms! It’s a great way to dialog.

—Bath Fitter


Our Facebook page has helped so much with guest communication. After guests stay, they recommend us to their friends.

—Australian Walkabout Inn Bed & Breakfast


Facebook has been a helpful way for us to promote exhibit openings and events. It has also provided a source for customer service to answer questions from visitors.

—North Museum of Natural History & Science


That’s a fascinating question really. Social media is so huge these days that every business is trying to iron out their strategy. Personally, I believe many businesses, mine included, are struggling with what direction to take.


Personally, I believe social media is the new face-time. Where many businesses would endeavor to be out personally w their clients, I believe a shift is occuring whereby many believe this takes place of interaction. This tactic may be highly successful w the younger consumers, I believe some of our older clients will suffer. So here in lay the rub where one can see the good and the bad of this business tool.

—Bob Newton


My business is social by nature, so social media has been a natural extension. I’m able to communicate sales and special events to a group of people that are directly interested. Additionally, social media has played a key role in the how we stay abreast of the pending legislative changes for our business.

—Wet Your Whistle Beverage


From our LinkedIn group:


We have a pretty strong social media presence both from our marketing team and by our sales team. It has most definitely increased our exposure and our sales.

—Tim Crouser


Regular (7 days a week), active participation on 5 social media platforms including You Tube over the last 2 1/2 years has helped my business visibility and has created a lot of buzz about Launching Lives, LLC. Occasionally I bring on a client who specifically tells me he/she has been following me on one or more of these platforms. Quite honestly, I view my involvement in social media as a PIECE of my marketing pie to support everything else I am doing.

—Sylvia Hepler


Everything I do for marketing is centered around social media. It has helped us keep costs down, hire more employees and also at the same time gain a stronger space in the world. If used correctly social media can be the best tool your business has and can be like several people working for you for FREE!

—Frank Tolbert II


Roundtop’s social media presence has a multiplicity of benefits: customer service, community engagement (and by community, I mean Roundtop community), product awareness, and testimonials just to name a few!

—Lutricia Eberly



I've built some great digital friendships, helped fellow business owners with questions through twitter, and gained access to resources I wouldn't have been able to otherwise.


And there is always the minor detail that my company wouldn't exist without social media.


This question often comes up with my hotel clients, and for them the reality is that even if they aren't officially there, their guests are and so are their competitors.

—Chris Roffe

It has helped engage our membership. One success to highlight was a photo contest we held in the fall highlighting photos of our nonprofit organization members.


I find it is also a good platform to share information with a different audience in addition to email and twitter.


It is a nice place to share photos, particularly for major events like our Annual Conference, which was last week. People enjoy seeing photos of themselves and their colleagues and it allows us to demonstrate what a great event it was.

—Jennifer Ross

Next week's question:

Does your company do regular staff training? Tell us why or why not.

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