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Behind the List with Todd Duffie

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Todd Duffie, president of BBEC Inc. stands in front of two backup generators that BBEC is installing at the Holy Spirit Hospital Data Center in Cumberland County. Photo/Stuart Leask
Todd Duffie, president of BBEC Inc. stands in front of two backup generators that BBEC is installing at the Holy Spirit Hospital Data Center in Cumberland County. Photo/Stuart Leask

president of BBEC Inc.

Q: How has BBEC changed over time, and has your role in it changed since you started?

A: I came in as the president. BBEC started as a small electrical contractor doing mostly residential properties. We're mostly commercial and industrial-minded now. We will handle all the electrical systems in a commercial building — the power, the lighting.

What's the greatest challenge you've faced in your career?

The obvious answer for everyone in the past couple years has been the economy, figuring out the new normal. BBEC went through the rough economy dealing with a management changeover as I came in to create a new and improved environment. We are an employee-owned company. We could have been downsizing, but because we are very employee-minded, we didn't want to take that approach. We wanted to do what was right for the employees.

How does being an employee-owned company contribute to the mission of BBEC?

One of our initiatives over the last couple of years has been to get the employees more involved in the company. I think that's been a real plus, because they feel very invested in the company. During the bad economic times, it was rough out there. Knowing that all the guys have an ownership stake in the company has helped them stick through some rough times and hang in there with us. Other people might jump around a bit looking for a better place to be.

What green initiatives does BBEC have?

We're not overly involved in that, but we do some energy saving, specifically with lighting and retrofits. We're not involved in the solar or wind markets.

We are involved in electrical-charging stations. It's in its very early stages; people are starting to construct these charging stations in different areas — I think (the town of) Hershey has a couple in place — and others, (and) some national companies that have moved into the area. It's starting to take on more traction.

Electrical companies partner with automobile dealerships to put charging stations in as they come out with more electric cars.

What's your favorite aspect of your job, and is it the same thing you enjoyed when you first started?

For me, I've been around the construction industry almost my whole life, and I enjoy being in this industry. I also enjoy working with the employees of BBEC, getting them more involved and active in the company and working through challenges with them.

About Todd Duffie

Todd Duffie, 43, attended Mechanicsburg High School and Drexel University, where he studied commerce and engineering. After working with H.B. Alexander as a project manager and Reynolds Construction as a project executive, Duffie became the president of Mechanicsburg-based BBEC Inc. in 2008.

Duffie and his fiancee, Julie, live in Mechanicsburg with their five children. In addition to being on the board of directors of Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Capital Region, Duffie also raises money for breast cancer research and is involved in the ACE Mentoring Program. He enjoys sports, especially golf.

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