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Sound Off: What you said

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Last week's question: Should the estate tax be repealed?

Yes — 67 percent

No — 33 percent

From Facebook:

Yes...we are taxed enough already on all levels.

—Ken Sanford

From our LinkedIn group:

We have a small family business and we work hard to be able to pass this on to our son. We have already paid taxes as we have worked over the years. I think it is double taxation. Why should my estate be taxed again if we have worked hard and been frugal enough to acquire assets over the years? When my father passed in 1979, my mother had to prove she was “part of the business” when IRS came looking into his estate. It was ridiculous and very stressful during a very sad time.

—Susan Miller

This week's question:

Has your company considered rebranding? Tell us why or why not.

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