Calling all CEOs: Let's talk about how to do your job

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Dick Cross. Submitted photo
Dick Cross. Submitted photo

I'm Dick Cross.

Recently, the Central Penn Business Journal staff decided to take a risk. Because of that risk, I'll be in front of you every week with about 350 words.

I won't be here with news, but with how to make news. I want you to do a great job at the top of your organization. The single greatest determinant of business success is the job at the top — nothing else even comes close!

How will you make news with me? I have been there, and I learned how to do that job the hard way:

• As CEO of eight "against the odds" turnarounds.

• As an adviser to more than 100 CEOs in refining their roles.

• As the founder of the Mid-Tier Presidents Course at Harvard.

• As the author of "Just Run It!" an Amazon best-selling new release in April.

But most simply, because I care about how you do your job, and I want you to do it well. I know these ideas work, and I know they make a difference for everyone who embraces them

Every week, I'll give you no-holds-barred advice about what has worked for me, with ideas I hope you will find creeping into how you do your own job.

Along the way, let me know what you think. I'm a learner, too.