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A video is worth a thousand pictures

By - Last modified: February 8, 2013 at 9:07 AM

Remember the adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words”? Today in the real estate market, while it may not be exactly 1,000 times, a video is certainly worth many times more than a bunch of photos when it comes to marketing properties and agents.

As someone who spends a lot of time thinking about property and agent marketing at a real estate broker level, I can say that it’s hard not to find a nationally known guru who’d not been touting the value of video marketing over more traditional methods, even on the Web. While most brokerages are just coming to grips with the social media onslaught of the last few years, the real action has been in the explosion of interest in the ideas of lifestyle and storytelling.

I’ve covered the concept of lifestyle in previous posts in this space, but the concept of storytelling – helping the real estate consumer experience the property and/or agent through the lens of a motion-picture camera lens – is expanding rapidly as well.

Beyond the typical virtual tour or slideshow, a video expands the viewer’s horizons around the property as well as adding the key component of movement through the space. Many cutting-edge agents and brokerages around the country are adding their own voices into the clip, moving beyond canned music to describing features in a compelling voice-over or even appearing in the scene as a tour guide.

Done well, these effort elevate the property (whether commercial space or residential home) to a level above the competing listings.

Agents, too, are jumping into the video market by starting shows featuring their local knowledge and experiences. While experts debate the relative merits of simple “iPhone-style” video to more polished productions to increasing viewership, most agree that having quality (human) content is the key distinguisher of marketable video.

A great example (and a shout out) go to The Corcoran Group in New York – Matthew Shadbolt (whom I had the pleasure to sit with at the Inman RealEstateConnect conference in NYC a few weeks ago) is doing excellent video work.

As a real estate consumer, keep an eye out for those progressive agents and brokerages pushing the video marketing envelope in Central Pa.


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