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Sound Off: What you said

Last week's question: Should Pennsylvania become a right-to-work state? Tell us why or why not.

Yes — 73 percent

No — 27 percent

From our LinkedIn group:

It is inconceivable that workers are forced to join a union in order to have a job. It is even more inconceivable that the union that workers are forced to join uses their dues to support causes and candidates that the employee may not agree with and the employee has no say in that decision. The additional benefit of worker freedom is widespread prosperity as opposed to high wages and benefits for a few at the expense of everyone else and their communities. Just look at Johnstown or Scranton to see how well force unionization works out in the long run. Better yet, look at Detroit, however at least the people of Michigan are now able to free them selves of the forced unionization that caused the demise of Detroit.

—David A. Nace




Very well said, my thoughts exactly. If an individual doesn't want to join the union, so be it.


If prevailing wasn't mandatory it might lower the costs tremendously for building our schools and hospitals, which in turn, would lower the cost for homeowners and taxpayers.

—Carolyn Lutz


In all matters it is important to educate oneself on such matters and not believe everything you hear on Fox News b/c basically right to work = right to have lower overall wages:



—Kimberly Keesler


Unions had a place in history that was very important no one can deny that. But like all things that give power to a small group of people it became corrupt and greedy and you cant deny that either. Now it is a question of competition and sustainability. Unions are not competitive in the marketplace. The value of an item or service is created by the market which is worldwide now, not a small group of union bosses. Almost every state is up side down in debt due to pensions and retirement programs, many union based, that are unsustainable. Now the majority of tax payers who are not in unions have to foot the bill. Explain to me how that is fair Kimberly? Right to work equals sustainable jobs that are not a drag on society.

—Aaron Camara


did you read it? http://mediamatters.org/research/2012/12/12/myths-and-facts-about-right-to-work-laws/191810

—Kimberly Keesler


I did read it and again the fact is Unions are unsustainable in the new world economy. There was once a time when they were effective. Now they cause more harm than good. Not that the idea of a union is bad but they have become greedy and unreasonable. If unions in their current application worked then explain why it declines every year? Also please answer the question in my first comment.

—Aaron Camara


Kimberly I did not get my info from FOX News, I got this info in the 90's when I was managing a temp agency for construction workers, etc.


All non union construction companies were denied to bid on schools, hospitals, state office buildings etc. Only unions with prevailing wage, again I say, most non-union companies can build at a lower rate for the project again benefiting, the average taxpayer and homeowner.

—Carolyn Lutz


Kimberly, This may come as a shock to you, but FOX News is actually in the middle of America's political spectrum because its news programs actually provide both sides of major issues. On the other hand, Media Matters is clearly a left leaning website, with absolutely no intention to provide both side of issues, so it is not surprising that they would view giving employees workplace freedom in a negative manner. Ideologically, Media Matters is certainly going to embrace the Marxist ideas of collectivism that are a part of collective bargaining.

—David A. Nace


Why in the world would anyone believe that Pennsylvania should become a "right to work for less" state? Unions and the resulting middle class built this country. The reason anyone enjoys the salary they currently have (from a store clerk to upper level management) can be traced directky back to union actions. Union's backing of the average worker and their stand for higher wages for the worker are what have raised the living condition for all americans. "Right to work" simply weakens unions by allowing workers to reap the benefits of collective bargaining without paying for the costs associated therewith. Join and support the unions - no one would be where they currently are without them. Are unions flawed? Certainly; no system is perfect. But we would be worse without them. The concept of Aristocracy is emerging from the grave in this country like the zombies in "Wa;lking Dead". It should remain dead and buried!

—Jack Berger

This week's question:

Do you support Gov. Tom Corbett's plan to privatize the liquor industry?

Tell us why or why not.

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