The best little Super Bowl food ever

February 01. 2013 5:00PM - Last modified: February 01. 2013 5:08PM

Have you noticed that party food is shrinking? Given our super-sized society, I know it's hard to believe. But all those mini versions of our favorite foods are downright adorable, and they're more than delicious enough for Super Bowl.

Caprese salad bites. Photo/Erica Streisfeld

You've heard me talk about oversized food before, but let's face it, doll-sized delicacies are a lot more trendy in the foodie world. And being so cute, they're pretty hard to resist. Here are some ideas for tiny temptations that you can make at home.

Put a stick in it

Take it from someone who makes a lot of cake pops (yours truly!): Everything tastes better on a stick. For me, it's oh-so-reminiscent of eating brightly-colored popsicles as a kid. Maybe that's why cake pops are so popular. Or maybe it's the sheer "grab-and-go" factor.

Recipes to try:

Make it (mini) muffin-sized

In case you thought mini muffin tins were just for baking, sorry, but you're wrong. This sheet of perfectly round molds has quite possibly a million and one uses, and one really great one is making bite-size appetizers. Just trust me on this, and be sure to think outside the box.

Recipes to try:

Turn it inside-out

Get a little creative with your tiny food by literally turning your favorite dishes inside-out. For example, if you love meatball subs, why not make bite-size meatball-stuffed biscuits with marinara sauce? You get the idea.

Recipes to try:

Shrink an entrée

If you could roll an entire dinner into one bite, why wouldn't you? My sentiments exactly. Don't worry, you can eat more than one, but it's a heck of a lot more efficient when you're trying to socialize at a party.

Recipes to try:

You can find these and other ideas on my Pinterest board of tiny food. What's your favorite pint-sized party food for Super Bowl?