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Sound Off: What you said

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Last week's question: Is Commissioner Scott Martin's plan the best way forward for the Lancaster County Convention Center?

Yes — 90 percent

No — 10 percent

From our LinkedIn group:

Well, I don't think this issue lends itself well to a “yes' or “no” answer. First priority should be to assure that the Convention Center can continue to operate. It's a beautiful facility that is well-run and adds much to the entire Lancaster area. If it collapses, it will hurt the entire region. All sides in this are just going to have to bite the bullet and make concessions that benefit the entire community. After all it took to get this facility built and operating, it would be a shame to let it collapse and the city with it.

—Gregg Robertson

I totally agree with Gregg Robertson and I am not sure that Commissioner's plan has everyone making concessions.

—Charlotte Katzenmoyer

This week's question:

Do you see business opportunities in Harrisburg? Tell us why or why not.

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