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Business Record

Bankruptcies, liens, mortgages


Lancaster County

Mortgagor: MXL Realty, MXL GP

Lender: Fulton Bank

Details: 1764 Rohrerstown Road, East Hempfield Township; $1.04 million and $750,000

Mortgagor: PEC Group, Daniel J. Fichtner, David W. Bernhardt

Lender: EDC Finance Corp.

Details: property on Eisenhower Boulevard, East Hempfield Township; $334,000

Mortgagor: Charter Homes at Mill Creek

Lender: Metro Bank

Details: property in West Lampeter Township; $325,000

Mortgagor: Generation Partners, Generational Partners

Lender: Ephrata National Bank

Details: property on East Main Street, Lititz; $656,250

Mortgagor: Fulton Market Property, CT November, Casey G. Brenner

Lender: Metro Bank

Details: 417 Frederick St., Lancaster; $1.56 million

Mortgagor: Brixmor GA Apollo III PA, Centro GA Apollo III PA, Galileo Apollo III PA, Brixmor GA Apollo III PA GP

Lender: Goldman Sachs Mortgage Co., Goldman Sachs Real Estate Funding Corp.

Details: property in Elizabethtown and upper Mount Joy Township; $270 million

Mortgagor: Premier Prince Street, Premier Real Estate Group, Daryl F. Heller

Lender: Integrity Bank

Details: 415 N. Prince St., Lancaster; $1.2 million

Mortgagor: Elm Tree Investments, Elm Tree Properties, Summer Hill Farm Inc., Centerville Associates, Lanco Properties Inc.

Lender: Fulton Bank

Details: property on Elmcrest Boulevard, Rapho Township; $2.6 million and $550,000

Mortgagor: Letort Investments, Mayfair Investments Inc.

Lender: Integrity Bank

Details: property on Cartledge Lane, Manor Township; $560,000

Mortgagor: Conestoga Valley Church of Christ, Bob D. Sproles, James A. Bledsoe

Lender: Fulton Bank

Details: 2045 Horseshoe Road, East Lampeter Township; $800,000 and $108,000

Mortgagor: Coal Capital Ephrata

Lender: Fulton Bank

Details: property in Akron, $7.5 million

Mortgagor: Charter Homes at Lancaster Inc.

Lender: Fulton Bank

Details: property in West Donegal Township; $8 million

Mortgagor: Charter Homes at Florin Hill Inc.

Lender: Fulton Bank

Details: property in Mount Joy; $5 million

Mortgagor: Matchline Properties, Daniel l. Foresman

Lender: PNC Bank

Details: property on Dawn Avenue, Ephrata; $850,000 and $403,378

Mortgagor: Alfred M. Wanner Jr., Jennifer L. Wanner, J. Matthew Wanner, Tamara l. Wanner, John A. Wanner, John W. Wanner, Carolynne M. Wanner, Wanners Family Ltd. Partnership

Lender: Manufacturers & Traders Trust Co.

Details: property in Salisbury Township; $500,000

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