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2012 Hall of Fame Tribute Videos

- Last modified: November 14, 2012 at 4:12 PM

Tribute videos about each Hall of Fame honoree's achievements were created to share the stories of the honorees. The videos debuted at the event are available to view online.

Edward Henry Arnold Sr. of Arnold Industries, George H. Glatfelter II from Glatfelter and Conrad M. Siegel of Conrad Siegel Actuaries received the Hall of Fame lifetime achievement recognition for their dedication to their companies, employees and communities throughout their many years of service.

The tribute videos below were shown at the November 1st awards event.

The honorees' interviews yielded much more valuable information than was able to be used for the event. Longer highlights videos are available below:

The Central Penn Business Journal thanks the honorees for their time and FGV Media for their assistance in creating these videos.

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