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Your vote counts

By - Last modified: November 2, 2012 at 2:42 PM

On Nov. 6, we all get to participate in one of the most cherished of all activities in a free society – voting our consciences for individuals who we believe will be a positive influence on the governmental and societal structures that make a difference in our lives.

Or at least somebody who won’t screw things up any further as we see it.

Now in my capacity as marketing VP, I talk a LOT about housing and real estate. But I’m also a small-town mayor who talks with my constituents and fellow unpaid servants about the local business climate.

In my book, everything’s connected – the value of a home changes with the fortunes of the community in which it resides. And I’m convinced that we as a national community of local citizens face a choice of fundamental importance to our homes and towns next Tuesday. Let’s all be sure that we cast our ballots for the candidates who we observe to be the most sober-headed and clear-eyed about the economic challenges that the next few years will require us to tackle.

I can tell you that local municipalities all over Central Pennsylvania are full of leaders who are dreading another impending budget cycle of sluggish tax revenues and escalating operating expenses, knowing that tax increases are not the way to go (and no… they can’t print money). The best answer is a rebounding economy and new businesses beginning to thrive and grow –and, yes, a resulting expanding real estate market that benefits all property owners and their families.

So take up your right as the true rulers of this republic and cast your vote without regret, for the servants who will lead us in the next few years. A lot is riding on it.


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