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Co-working space in the works for Harrisburg

By - Last modified: November 2, 2012 at 9:14 AM

Adam Brackbill, the owner of Harrisburg-based Render Innovations, a Web design and marketing firm, is looking to launch a new coworking space in the capital city called St@rtup Harrisburg.

He and co-founder Adam Porter are accepting inquiries and will be sending invitations to interested parties.

“Our location is still being finalized,” Brackbill said. “We do have a few places we are keeping as options. It will be in either the downtown or Midtown neighborhoods of the city.”

Brackbill recently launched HopInTheBurg.com, a new site to give city businesses and attractions another option to promote their companies. He said he sees this online tool as a way to help rebuild hype in the city.

St@rtup will offer spaces starting around $150 per month, including utilities.

“The coworking movement has started to take hold in Pennsylvania and we thought, ‘Why isn’t anyone doing this in Harrisburg?’” Brackbill said.

The goal is to open coworking space by the end of the year, he said.

“We’ll determine the number of both full-time and part-time members we can accommodate based on the space chosen,” he said. “Our desire to release this information now is to gauge interest and make sure the space we make available meets the needs of our entrepreneurial community.”

Freelancers or new business owners who are interested can sign up online.