Totem Pole Playhouse surpasses fundraising goal

October 04. 2012 8:00AM - Last modified: October 04. 2012 8:20AM

Heather Stauffer

Totem Pole Playhouse has exceeded its fundraising goal and is proceeding with plans for its 63rd season.

Totem Pole Playhouse will be able to remain open. Photo/Submitted

The Fayetteville nonprofit, which announced at the end of August that it needed to raise $250,000 by Oct. 1 or close, reported that it had received $334,000 and "many heartfelt messages and memories shared by our supporters."

"Totem Pole Playhouse has a future, and it's all thanks to the community it serves," leaders said in a message posted on the playhouse's website. "Fundraising will continue to be an ongoing focus of the playhouse as we seek to bring contributions and corporate sponsorship closer to levels seen by comparable professional theaters around the country."

Totem will chart a new course with the money, featuring bigger shows than it has recently and an adjusted ticket pricing system. For the first time in more than 40 years, it is planning a seven-show season — three comedies and four musicals — to be announced in November.

"There will be tickets to fit every budget, from as low as $9.50 to prime seats up to $69.50 for the big musicals," said Ray Ficca, executive director. "Season tickets to all seven shows will range from $176.50 to $390."

Totem also will offer a 50 percent discount to attendees younger than 22 years old to help entice them to check out the unique entertainment of live professional theater.