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Infusing soul into a new commercial space

By - Last modified: September 28, 2012 at 10:18 AM

So you’re looking to set up shop in a new space – first time? Growing? Relocating?

When presented with potential spaces, companies generally try to “envision” themselves there – more than just the evaluation of square footage and number of bay doors, etc. Call it “feng shui” or “feel,” it’s a pretty important piece of the puzzle – especially when you’ve got several options.

The design of the space will make all the difference in its long-term ability to satisfy your needs.

I chatted this week with Lynn Godshall of Godshall Commercial Interiors in Lancaster County about how it plays out with her clients during the acquisition process.

“Almost immediately, we find it’s more than just coordinating the interior color palette and materials,” Lynn said. “What is the image they want to project to their customers the minute that customer opens the front door? Sure, it is many tangible pieces put together to create an aesthetic statement – but the real key is, what statement are you making for your client and their particular company?”

Ah, it’s all about the statement, isn’t it?

I find this fascinating. We are going through this very process in several locations around our company footprint, and I view the design process as the real challenge in creating a new commercial space that really works for the employees and customers.

Hey, I’m a marketing guy…

Looking at a new space? Take some time to lounge around the lobby and entry with coffee in hand. What vibes do you get? Is there light, ambient noise, architectural details you can accentuate through design?

Then wander through the offices. Does it feel like a place your employees will grow together as a team? What colors and lighting will work to accomplish that goal and can the space accommodate changes easily? Looking at the whole space – can you project your company image, logo, vision and values?

Lynn adds: “The real value is when the client's new space reflects exactly who they set out to show the world they are and the value they bring to their market.”

Have you had success envisioning and designing a commercial space for your company?


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