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My ‘battery theory’ of homebuyers

By - Last modified: August 22, 2012 at 11:17 AM

I have a theory about understanding homebuyer behavior – it’s called my “battery theory.”

I’ve observed over many years and many hundreds of home showings a pattern where (with two or more buyers) there is pretty clearly a “positive charge” and a “negative charge” going on.

The “positive charge” person is likely the one who wanted to see the home and encouraged the other to come along. They come in hoping to see their hopes confirmed with the property.

The other side is the “negative charge” individual. This is the one who wasn’t that interested in the property and may even have reservations concerning condition, age or other aspects. This one needs convincing that their fears are ungrounded.

As you can see, approaching a home listing with the “battery theory” in mind leads to planning to:

a) Encourage the “positive charge” person through staging, lighting, colors, music, etc. – keep the good vibes flowing!

b) Encourage the “negative charge” person by addressing possible mechanical and defect issues up front, offering a home warranty or even having the listing agent present at showings to explain things.

One last point: The roles of “positive” and “negative” will change most of the time, since usually one person will like a certain kind of home over another. Keeps it interesting!


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