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May employment shows continued industry improvements

By - Last modified: June 15, 2012 at 12:17 PM

Pennsylvania's May employment figures grew from last year while unemployment figures declined, according to the latest statistics from the state Department of Labor and Industry.

Employment grew by 103,000 jobs, or 1.8 percent, since May 2011 while unemployment rolls dropped by 35,000, or 6.9 percent, in the same period, according to the department. The unemployment rate was 7.4 percent in May, down from 8 percent a year ago.

Month-to-month figures remained largely unchanged from April including unemployment rates.

Total non-farm jobs grew by 27,800, or half a percent, from last year. All industries continued to be led by the 20 percent growth in mining and logging, which added 6,500 jobs since last May for a total of nearly 38,800 jobs.

Other industries with major changes from last May include:

• Construction lost 1,900 jobs, a nearly 1 percent drop.

• Financial activities gained 4,800 jobs, or a 1.6 percent gain.

• Leisure and hospitality added 8,100 jobs, a 1.6 percent gain.

• Education and health added 14,800 jobs, a 1.3 percent increase.

• Trade, transportation and utilities added 8,300 jobs, or 0.8 percent

• Government employment dropped 16,900 jobs, or a 2.3 percent decline.